What Are The Biggest Misconceptions About EDM?

We posed that question to people at one of the world’s biggest electronic music festivals, Tomorrowland, and here’s what they said. They want you to know: It’s not about the drugs.

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“Big misconception:

PLUR = PLease Let Us Rage.


PLUR = Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. + Responsibility

<3 for the music unites us in this chaotic world.” – Angie, U.S.A.

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“The biggest misconception about EDM is that its only been around 4 years. I’ts been around for a long time. It’s great.” – Frank, London

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“The biggest misconception about trance music is that all fans are either drug addicts or connected to enjoy consuming some form of drugs or another.” – Omar, Syria

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“The biggest misconception about EDM is everyone does drugs, dresses funny, and is irresponsible.” – Unknown, Canada

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“A lot of people think that electronic music is only “pum, pum” but NO. There’s a lot of genres and styles. For instance, for me, I like house, deep house… and they also think that they have to take drugs to have the energy or to feel the music. And it’s not true. Thats the best part of it!” – Veronica, Venezuela

Translated from Spanish

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“Biggest misconception is assuming all EDM is the same. And all EDM festivals consist of similar artists. There’s tonnes of different sounds and ‘genres’ all falling under ‘EDM’ music nowadays.” – Unknown, Australia

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“Drugs” – Andereggi, Switzerland

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“No one drinks booze here!” – Unknown, Canada

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“Everyone is getting high, take some pills and go to Tomorrowland!” – Unknown, Belgium

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“We are here for <3 for music. Not Drugs.” – Jung, U.S.A.

And these festival-goers would like to replace misconceptions about EDM culture with these truths:

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“Ravers don’t need drugs!!” – Unknown, Germany

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“It’s not drug music. Open your eyes and feel the love.” – Thi, U.S.A.

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“B’coz it’s all about the music and not about the drugs.” – Khudel, India

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“IDM isn’t only drugs and alcohol. It brings a lot of cultures together.” – Lynn, Belgium

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“I just want to enjoy the festival so… I don’t wanna get drunk and I don’t smoke drugs or anything. I <3 Tomorrowland” – Charlene, Belgium

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“It’s ALL about the music!” – Uknown, Malaysia

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“It’s not all about the drugs! It’s about the MUSIC and the LOVE!” – Derek, London

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“Up until three years ago I wasn’t into EDM at all. Just like many others I associated electronic music with drugs. However things have changed and I now understand the true beauty of EDM. It brings me joy and happiness – without any drugs :) You can feel the music!” – Monica, Switzerland

Translated from German

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“It’s about the love for the music, if you love it well enough you’re never gonna need [drugs].” – Olav, Netherlands

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