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The 8 Best Roger Ebert Shoutouts In Rap

Drake helped him win brownie points with his granddaughter. True story.

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5. Shaggy, "Midnite Lover"

"It's a blockbuster hits, midnite attraction, a definite double feature / Yeah, two thumbs up, two thumbs up, two thumbs up / Siskel and Ebert say so / Let them know Shaggy as the lead role, Bim."

3. Ghostface Killah, "Heard It All Before"

"The Enterprise worth billions, delay America / To Africa, home away, the six text-tillion / Turn, Siskel and Ebert givin' two thumbs / New York Times call it my best work, bump to it."


2. Will Smith, ""Don't Say Nothin'"

"Four five chromed out former two seater / Fifty inch sony to watch Siskel and Ebert / Cause I'm about to get two thumbs ten toes one knee and probably a couple / Of elbows"