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"School Of Rock" Is Going To Become A Musical

Andrew Lloyd Webber just bought the rights to the 2003 comedy starring Jack Black. It could be awesome?

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In an interview with CBC Radio last week, Webber disclosed his plans to bring the group of rockin' kids to the Broadway stage.

He told host Jian Ghomeshi:

"Another thing that I've just got the rights to that I am very excited about – there may be songs for me in it, but it's obviously got songs in it as it stands – is that movie School Of Rock."

"I will go from Stephen Ward, which is really going to be sort of a chamber musical, to a musical about kids playing the guitar," Webber said.

If he pulls it off right, this could be a really great musical – a more amped-up version of Putnam County Spelling Bee.

The film – which came out TEN years ago – is definitely different than anything Webber has done.

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There also needs to be an epic rendition of "Legend of the Rent."

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Cuz you're not hardcore! (No, you're not hardcore!) / Unless you live hardcore!

And a full-blown rock-out with all the kids to "Teacher's Pet."

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