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    Posted on Jul 7, 2014

    Mapei's New Video Is A Heart-Warming Snapshot Of New York City Life

    The singer out to reinvent modern soul is back with her new single, "Change."

    American-born, Swedish-raised singer/rapper Mapei first charmed us with her hypnotic, soulful song "Don't Wait" late last year.

    Courtesy of Mapei/Downtown Records

    Now she's back with a video for her new single, an uplifting, heart-bursting song called "Change."

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    The video was shot in all five boroughs of New York City over Memorial Day weekend...

    Downtown Records

    ... and features real people from all walks of life.

    Downtown Records

    The song is about how no matter who we are or where we are...

    Downtown Records

    ... love is what unites us all.

    Downtown Records

    Young or old...

    ... we all seek love and to be our best selves.

    Downtown Records

    New York, y'all.

    Downtown Records