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    Lady Gaga Debuts The World's First Flying Dress

    Would you expect anything less from Mother Monster?

    Before celebrating her ARTPOP album release, Lady Gaga took a moment to debut Volantis, a creation she billed as "the world's first flying dress."

    She teamed up with young members of her team at TechHaus (technical branch of Haus of Gaga) and London-based Studio XO to create the machine, and said she hopes it'll be an advancement in travel and communication.

    “I wanted to make today about something even more important to me, and that something is the youth of the world," Gaga told the crowd. "Their minds are just so boundless. They’re just so inspiring."

    "Although she is a vehicle, she is essentially a metaphor for me. I will be a vehicle today for their voices,” Gaga said.

    Here's a better look at the "Flying Dress"!

    According to the press release about the vehicle, "Volantis is a purpose designed transport prototype designed to carry one person in a controlled hover and directional movement" and is battery-operated.

    To make it happen, the team at Tech Haus — Studio XO, the technical branch of Haus of Gaga — collaborated with "a group of specialist companies based in San Diego [...] whose principals have accumulated more than fifty years of Aviation and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle design, construction, and operation."

    And here it is in action!

    It didn't go very far, but as Gaga said, it's still in beta.

    Volantis was able to rise 70 inches off the ground, and was controlled by a technician on the ground via radio signals.

    After the flight, she let out a cheer and embraced the two designers.

    Gaga said that she hopes one day we'll all own a Volantis of our own.

    When asked about her timeline for mass producing the Volantis, she replied, "Gosh, I don't know. We're still getting it to work properly."

    It would be a stylish mode of transportation, right?

    Congrats, Gaga. It truly is something.