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Turns Out Katy Perry’s Been Taking Fashion Cues From An Archie Comics Character

No, seriously, this can't be a coincidence. H/T HitFix.

Someone was flipping through an Archie comic book when they came across a character named Katy Keene.

And basically realized that everything Katy Perry has done heretofore has been inspired by her namesake comic character.

Right down to the candy cane font. Just... wow.

A bunch of people across Tumblr, online forums, and HitFix started gathering other examples of these "coincidences."

It's not THAT uncommon for pinup characters to have blue hair, though, right?

And it's probably just a coincidence that they both like to wear their hair in loose pin curls while lounging on fluffy pillows...

Though, Katy Perry prefers pillows of pink clouds to Katy Keene's heart-shaped one.

...and both love wearing large items on their heads.

A lot of people like "borrowing" from Japanese culture, right?

Who hasn't had a "jungle girl" moment?

Or dressed up like Mrs. Claus?

Mermaids — always in fashion.

Katy P. and Katy K. are just soul sisters — they both love the '80s...

Hangin' in the sun in convertibles...

Heart-shaped bustiers...


Peacock outfits...

And coloring.

Katy Keene has a penchant for transformation...and so does Katy P.

So, Katy isn't ripping her ideas from different cultures...

...she's taking them from cartoons.

And now we know!

h/t: HitFix