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This Is Why Seeing Kanye West In Concert Is Absolutely Essential

Praise Yeezus.

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Kanye West is mid-way through his Yeezus tour, and if you were lucky enough to attend, you know that it is nothing short of a majestic, intense, incredibly visual experience.

The set was simple but dramatic, with a huge mountain, a runway ledge, and a huge round screen that doubled as a moon.

'Ye was forced to postpone several of his tour dates because of a car accident that damaged the 60-ft circular LED screen. But if you see the show, you'll understand why it was so essential to the experience.

Not only did the screen act as a majestic moon, it also displayed some of the show's most striking visuals.

The show was divided into different sections, marked by different themes with their definitions and an accompanying quote.

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http://u2soul/Flickr: u2soul

One of the most talked-about and Instagrammed moments was during "I Am A God," when he was hoisted in the air by a gaggle of women in nude bodysuits and pantyhose-masks.


They also acted as a human throne.

He spent part of the show rapping on the ground and even that looked beautiful on the moon screen.

He spent a lot of the show in these couture Margiela masks.

In addition to his ornate masks, he was rocking biker-chic Americana tees.

The aesthetic carried over to his merch, where the confederate flag shirts were some of the top sellers.

Even style bloggers were rocking it.

Really, all of his looks in the show were on point.


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The best way to think of 'Ye's show is as a spiritual journey.

u2soul/Flickr / Via Flickr: u2soul

There was a yeti/werewolf/demon thing that haunted him.

And beams of light that looked like they would transport him to another world.

The songs themselves were all incredible, and all it took was one opening note from "Runaway" on the piano for the arena to lose its mind.

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And when the drop came in on "Blood On The Leaves," it was literally explosive.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Kanye show without a 10-minute soliloquy.

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And here's his monologue from his show at the Barclays Center in NYC on Nov. 19:

Complex has a full transcript of what he said.

And he gave the audience some tough love, urging them to think for themselves. "Don't even listen to me," he said.

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But he was all smiles by the end of the show, when it came time for "Bound 2," his ode to Kim K.

And while much of the show was high energy...

...all was calm when the man he simply referred to as "white Jesus" appeared.

And he knelt before him and was blessed.

And with his blessing, Kanye erupted into a massive, larger-than-life performance of "Jesus Walks."

Many famous friends showed up and hung out backstage.

Q-Tip Instagrammed the photo above with the caption: "Good times: Yeezus tour backstage with Jack White, Dave Chappelle, Yasiin Bey, Busta, Phife and Jarobi"
Q-Tip / Via

Q-Tip Instagrammed the photo above with the caption: "Good times: Yeezus tour backstage with Jack White, Dave Chappelle, Yasiin Bey, Busta, Phife and Jarobi"

Vogue editors Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington, along with Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner, were also in the house.

Anna and co. put on a good poker face, but real fans couldn't keep their emotions bottled.

One lucky fan actually got to take home Kanye's mic.

The show closed with Kanye kneeling as the refrain from "On Sight" played over and over again.

"He'll give us what we neeeeeeed / it may not be what we waaaannnntttt...

But Kanye, you gave us both.