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    JoJo's Fans Plan To Take Over Twitter To "#FreeJoJo"

    Strength in hashtags.

    Remember JoJo? Her song "Leave (Get Out)" in 2004 made her the youngest artist in history to have a number one single on the Hot 100 chart.

    Well, she's been locked up in a contract and unable to officially release music for the last seven years, though she has been able to release a couple great mixtapes.

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    Here's her video for "Andre," off her mixtape Agápē, which she released last year.

    But her fans have taken it upon themselves to help "Free JoJo" and create awareness about the singer's label situation in hopes that something will change.

    Their goal is to get a specific JoJo-related phrase trending on Twitter during a designated hour on Saturday.

    And they're really, REALLY organized.

    Hey, anything helps, right? Stay strong, girl.

    Meanwhile, I'm gonna go listen to her cover of Drake's "Marvin's Room" for the hundredth time.