12 Awesome Beyoncé Dance Routines You Will Want To Learn Right Now

Gonna start practicing all of these in my bedroom right now.

If you’re ever in Bey withdrawal, you only need to search YouTube for amazing videos of choreographed routines people are uploading.

The most popular dance is, unsurprisingly, set to the incredibly sexy “Yoncé” and “Partition.”


1. This video of 12-year-old Charlize Glass dancing to “Yoncé” went viral earlier this year, even catching Bey’s attention, who posted it on Instagram.

2. And here’s her full routine to “Yoncé,” choreographed by Jose “Hollywood.”

3. And here she is dancing to MORE choreo to “Yonce,” this time by Tricia Miranda.

Yaasss, Charlize! This girl is freaking amazing.

4. Here’s “Partition,” by French choreographer Yanis Marshall. Bey-approved!

5. This “Yoncé/Partition” choreography by Olu, of the dance crew Project G from the UK, is super sexy and well-produced.

6. And here’s a version by dancer/contortionist Ida Milec that features some impressive floor work.

WERK, girls!

7. Even Vanessa Hudgens got in on the fun.

8. This “Grown Woman” choreo by Roben Allen is killer.

9. Australian dancer Jasmine Meakin’s routine to “Grown Woman” is awesome, and you can learn how to do it yourself from step-by-step tutorials on her website.

10. Dancer Tashiana Washington shows off her twerk version of “Drunk In Love.”

11. “XO” is perfect for contemporary dance, like this routine by Marissa Osato and Will Johnston.

12. And this “XO” routine by Brian Esperon, performed by the Skip Entertainment Company from Guam, will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Beyoncé salutes you, dancers. Keep on doing the thing!

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