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Apr 22, 2014

Beyoncé Blesses The Human Race With Another Surprise Track

Our queen returns.

New Bey alert: Boots, the mysterious producer behind much of Beyoncé's last album, has just put up a new track featuring the singer.

The song, called “Dreams,” is downright body-roll inducing. Beyoncé sings backup vocals and one verse.


In an interview with Vogue, Boots — whose real name is Jordy Asher — explained how the collaboration came together:

"I love that the song has me and what I'm doing in my realm and her and what she's doing in hers, and it's so completely opposite but they work incredibly together," he says. "It's just a really cool testament to our friendship and relationship to do something like this, and as natural as it was for it to exist in the way that it's going to exist. I feel like I've been given my wings to fly. It's the greatest kind of cosign you could get, from someone who truly, truly believes in you. As gifted and as brilliant as she is, and she is, to be able to believe in me in that regard is a really special thing."

All of the proceeds from the track — which you can buy online now — will be going to charity.


Proceeds will go to Day One, a nonprofit geared toward helping New York City youth end dating abuse and domestic violence through “community education, supportive services, legal advocacy and leadership development.”

Boots has been releasing new songs from his upcoming mixtape, WinterSpringSummerFall, all month.


Hear another new one, "A Day In The Life Of Jordy Asher," which premiered on Complex today.