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22 Reasons Why My 8 Best Friends And I Will Always Be BFFS

Whoever said when you go to college you lose your high school friends was a liar.

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2. We have the same sense of humor

The acronyms we made up, SAMP (smiling at my phone) and CL (crying laughing), will never die.

8. We spend more money on each other than our families during the holidays

Secret Santa is taken way too seriously.

9. We always help each other make the right decisions

Cam and I letting MG drop it low on the dance floor while her heel was broken, so she was wobbling like a baby deer, was definitely the right decision because it resulted in a great video that we can show at her wedding.

11. We all hate the same things

All our exes, all our enemies, and the crying laughing emoji.

12. We can have fun just sitting around and doing nothing together

We could sit in someone’s bed for hours and never get bored of each other.

17. We’re there through it all

The break ups and more, we know we can turn to each other.

21. We’ve all creepily started morphing into the same person

We say things at the same time and have the same train of thought.

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