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Reasons To Visit Eskişehir: A Romantic Weekend Vacation

Are you looking for a place to visit for your weekend? Are you interested in seeing historical streets inside of modern city life? If your answer is yes for both questions Eskişehir is a perfect weekend escape for you !

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“Odunpazari Historical Urban Site” is a significant example to cities established totally by the Turks within Anatolia. It’s an urban workshop with the best preserved examples of traditional Turkish architecture and an open-air museum where the structure of the traditional Turkish neighborhood with its entire pattern is maintained. A visit there is very easy from the city center. The people who actually live there can share the real challenges of living in such a place, rather than living in an apartment. Go and see the history alive!

2. 2. Little Venice: The Gondolas

How about continuing your romantic vacation with a gondola tour inside of the city? Eskisehir provides you the opportunity to see the city center inside of a gondola. Have your darling next to you, and your wine glass for the other hand.

3. There is no vacation without a beach!

Swimming is a fundamental for a short vacation! Enjoy your beach without wondering about sea creatures biting you. Eskisehir provides a mini-beach that you can tent and enjoy your moments in a daily-fresh water source.

4. A Royal Couple, Where is their Chateau?

How about you take your beloved one to a place he/she deserves to be? Eskisehir Chateau is a pink new-designed chateau surrounded by a forest and a small lake in front. You can see the whole view from the upside of the chateau, you can have picnic in the grass area or ride boats in the lake. A sunny day with a soft wind touch to your hair is all you need to feel fresh again.

5. Let's get some art here!

You might have seen many museums and art exhibitions before. Have you ever seen glass art? Eskisehir has an enormous glass gallery where they exhibit art pieces made by famous glass shaping artists. Art has many shades, why not to explore one more?

6. After all, don't you feel a little hungry?

MMMM, I can smell it from here! Cıborek is itself a reason to visit Eskisehir! It is a dish with a history of thousand years and has been the favourite for many people who were lucky enough to try it. It is cooked in traditional way of cooking and has a soft meat layer inside. Worth to try, worth to die!

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