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14 Pets You Didn't Know Could Fly

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1. "Hey gravity, check meowt."

2. "See you later, flying alligator."

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3. "Space is purrfect."

4. "Houston, we have a pawblem."

5. "Walking? Are you furreal?"

6. "What's up meow, gravity?"

7. "Up, pup, and away!"

8. "Rabbit season? No problem."

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9. "I don't chase red dots, red dots chase me."

10. "Where are we headed? Only time will tail."

11. "Someday I'll breakout of my shell."

12. "I'm not feline well, I'll be upstairs if you need me."

13. "Throw me a bone here, mister."


14. "I got it this time... Oh that stings."

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