12 Places Your Face Doesn’t Belong

DO NOT DO THESE THINGS. You should check out Axe Facescore. Game starts in the face.

1. Don't put your face in the sun for too long.

theOneAndOnlyRIZZ / Via Flickr: rizzle

2. Try to keep your face off the ground.

3. Don't even think about putting your face in an armpit.

4. Your face does not belong in a butt.

5. Your face shouldn't get all up in a horse's face.

6. Your face does not belong in your ice cream.

7. Keep you face out of water balloons.

8. Get that pie off your face.

9. Don't put your face in a dog's mouth.

10. Keep your face out of bread. Leave that for the cats.

11. You basically never want egg on your face.

12. And your face definitely does not need tattooed glasses.

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