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The Definitive (and Correct) Ranking Of Disney Princesses

We all know Disney Princesses. We see it everywhere and most of us seen and love their movies. This list ranks the top Disney princesses by independence, intelligence, kindness, and badass....ness. We are not including queens on this list (ha ha Elsa, sorry Kida)

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12. Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

It's no surprise why she made it to the bottom of this list. Independence: well, she waiting for a prince to save her from the Evil Queen instead of wanting to rule the kingdom herself doesn't count for independence in my book. As for intelligence and badass-ness, though she can cook and clean, that doesn't mean she's a badass. All she taught us was to not to take anything from strangers.

11. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

This princess has the least screen time of all the princesses (18 minutes in fact). That would make her #12 but she is smarter than Snow White by knowing NOT TO TALK TO STRANGERS. Though Prince Phillip talks her into it, that still makes her smarter than Snow White. I mean, who else can make a guy kill a DRAGON for them?

10. Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Ariel has a nice voice, headstrong attitude and no brain. I mean, she gave up her voice- the ONE reason why Eric wanted to marry her in the first place- to be with him hoping that he''ll fall in love with her in THREE DAYS! On top of that, she puts herself and Flounder in danger for a FORK! The only reason why she's #10 is her performance in The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning. She was rebellious and stood up for what she believed and I liked that. Bu seriously, if Ariel would've just used the trident on herself (since at the end of the movie her father used it to turn her human) she would have saved herself a lot of trouble. But then there wouldn't be a movie if the main character doesn't do some stupid shit.

9. Cinderella (Cinderella)

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Cinderella is a girl who has to work like servant in her own home by her evil step mother and stepsisters. That's messed up. Basically, she just waits around for a prince to save her. I know that sounds bad but she made to #9 because while cooking, cleaning and being treated like trash, she kept her head up and stayed strong. Other people would've given up and been snobby, not Cindy! That makes her a bit of a badass.

8. Anna (Frozen)

Anna's awkwardness and quirky-ness makes her the most unique princess of them all. She was willing to go into the wilderness to go look for her sister despite the way Elsa shut her out for all those years. Even though she is a bit love crazy and naive, she was brave and selfless enough to give her life for her sister after seeing Hans was going to kill her. Go Anna!

7. Merida (Brave)

Okay, okay. So this princess has some flaws and she is not the prettiest of the princesses (not like that matters) but she is a badass. I mean, she climbed a mountain (or whatever that was) without falling, she mastered archery, and she can sword-fight. Let's just say this girl is a complete tomboy because she doesn't do anything a "proper princess" is "supposed" to do (which is completely fine with me. In fact, I like it). And she's completely independent since she is the first and only princess without a love interest (besides Moana)

6. Rapunzel (Tangled)

Locked up in a tower for eighteen years, Rapunzel kept herself busy. She was determined to see the lanterns even if it meant having a jewel thief take her (I'm talking about you Flynn). Along with her determination, Rapunzel is energetic and kindhearted. And when she found out Mother Gothel was not really her mom, she revealed her fierce side. Plus, she's really good with a frying pan.

5. Pocahontas (Pocahontas)

As the only princess based off an actual person, Pocahontas is spiritual and free-spirited. She follows her heart and makes her own path. She stands up to father and makes peace between her people and the Englishmen. She looks deeper into what she sees like with the river and John Smith. She also has really nice hair.

4. Jasmine (Aladdin)

This Arabian princess is stubborn, confident and smart. She didn't want to marry a prince she didn't love and refused to be confined from the outside world. Who cares if she married a scrub? She's IS independent due to the fact that they take turns saving each other. And she figured out that Prince Ali was really Aladdin (only to be lied to again- way to go Aladdin, tsk tsk). She isn't some dumb princess standing in the sidelines and sitting around waiting to be rescued, she wants more for herself instead of having her life lived for her. Though she is a bit ungrateful and and kind of disrespectful towards authority (even though she is kinda authority herself), she is one feisty princess. And might I add she is ROCKING those harem pants.

3. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Book-smart, sophisticated, and kind, next on our list is Belle. When her father was held captive by the Beast, she bravely took his place. Now that's was a call selfless By her sheer kindness, Belle brought out the best out of Beast and instead of him saving her, she saved him from the curse. And turning him into a prince- a seriously handsome prince.

2. Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

Now here's a hardworking princess. This independent woman had to work to jobs to get the restaurant she always wanted and did end up getting it (with the help of an alligator). Her determination and perseverance makes her a badass. She didn't let anyone discourage her from pursuing her dream and it paid off. She even got a lazy prince to fall in love with her and work hard. Work it Tiana!

1. Mulan (Mulan)

The Chinese warrior Mulan makes it to number 1 on this list. I mean, it's makes perfect sense. Independence? At the beginning of the movie, Mulan never wanted a man to begin with. Even though she did end up getting one, that happened by chance not because she's not independent. Intelligence? She defeated the entire Hun army (well, except six) in one bomb that caused and avalanche. That took pure brains. Kindness? She was well like by her camp and not just because she was good at fighting and such. She also had a good friendship with Li Shang before the romance kicked in. Badass-ness? She saved freaking China! 'Nuff said.

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