This "Worst Cats" Tumblr Has Some Gross Misconceptions About Cats

    All cats are beautiful. Except for those weird rubbery steak cats.

    The Worst Cats tumblr is finally taking cats to task. Especially those sweaty, bald, rubbery cats you've maybe seen pictures of floating around online. What's going on with them?

    These rubbery wet cats are the worst.

    Like, does ANYONE like them?

    Yeah... I'm pretty sure cats don't eat leaves.

    Or, like, roll around in straw?

    And last time I checked, cats have fur.

    They definitely DON'T have shiny, bald skin.

    These cats just can't compete.

    Nice try. You're not fooling anyone.

    You're bad at being a cat, and you should feel bad.