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42 Awkward Fanny Pack Photos

Really, it was hard to find find a photo of someone in a fanny pack that wasn't awkward. Even hipsters have a hard time pulling this look off, but for some reason, a lot of people out there still try.

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  • quick stretch

  • ok kids, let's hit the town

  • don't drag your child into this

  • the apple doesn't fall too far from the awkward tree

  • spiderman has to keep his keys somewhere

  • trying to be funny, missing the mark

  • he keeps his key lights in there

  • fanny tether

  • is it still a fanny pack when you were it up front

  • dogs love them

  • the fanny pack twins

  • imagine all the great things fanny packs have witnessed

  • tiny fanny pack seems impractical

  • no.

  • think twice before leaving the house in a fanny pack

  • fanny pack exclusive outfit

  • he keeps his extra excitement in his fanny pack

  • go cardinals

  • i care less about the fake genitals, than the very real fanny pack

  • fanny pack holster

  • you can't fake class

  • my brain can't comprehend everything happening in this photo

  • trying too hard

  • fanny pack wearing hand holders

  • fanny packs often can be seen alongside jorts

  • leather fanny pack, for discerning tastes

  • wants people to see his fanny, so he wears it on his back

  • 1989 called, they want you to come home

  • yes.

  • tough competition

  • tough guy

  • deer hate fanny packs

  • you got the look

  • childhood heroes

  • welcome to america

  • does this count?

  • no outing is complete with out them

  • these aren't the fanny packs your looking for

  • see what i mean about hipsters

  • the ladies notice fanny packs

  • fight the good fight

  • ok fine, some hipsters can pull it off