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10 Reasons Game Day Is Really All About That Guac

Win or lose, you will be full. Enjoy your snacking as much as your spectating with always-fresh Avocados From Mexico.

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1. The best touchdown on earth is when the chip touches down into the guacamole.


2. Football makes you choose a side. But everybody knows guacamole is the ONLY SIDE THAT MATTERS.

Getty Images/iStockphoto gabe9000c

3. Guacamole does not penalize excessive celebration.

TJ Records / / Via / thinkstock

4. With guac, interceptions are delicious.


5. Dynasties rise and dynasties fall, but guacamole will taste good forever.

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6. The only deep ball that matters is these deep-fried balls of guac:


7. Every fumble ends in a recovery with guacamole.


8. You can’t eat the actual football stadium.

AskDaveTaylor / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: askdavetaylor

9. This is one pileup you want to be at the bottom of:


10. And lastly: The best bowl of them all is filled with guacamole.

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Unlike football, Avocados From Mexico are in season all year long. Enjoy some anytime!