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16 Ingenious Ways To Incorporate Avocado Into Every Meal

Avocado and toast who?! From breakfast to desserts, make every meal more nutritious with Avocados From Mexico.

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4. Roll it into tiny, beautiful flowers in a caprese salad.

GAH that's so pretty...and appetizing. Avocado, farro, kiwi, cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella perfectly come together in this midday work of art — err, treat! Drizzle balsamic glaze over it, and you've got yourself a masterpiece.

5. Make an impossibly creamy dressing and take it to go. 😉

Keep it simple and scrumptious with this super-flavorful Southwest salad with shredded chicken and zuchinni!

8. Introduce it to a tasty pesto linguine...

Oh boy, oh boy. This linguine looks beautiful, and the blend of creamy avocado and pesto sauce sounds incredible. The addition of pine nuts with a spritz of lime and lemon makes it crunchy, citrusy, and perfect.

9. ...and let it show how macaroni 'n' cheese can be even better.

Courtesy of Two Peas & Their Pod / Via

Avocado is super multifaceted — unveil its otherworldly dimensions by combining it with chipotle and letting it beautify this already-amazing tilapia bowl.

16. But if you're dreaming big, convert it into a margarita. 👌

Courtesy of Gimme Some Oven / Via

Proof that avocado is a legitimately excellent addition to every single edible thing in life. *throws shades* *sips her fabulous marg* 😎 🍹 (Skip the liquor to make it a delicious virgin marg!)

Avocados all day every day. 💅 Turn every meal into something exciting with Avocados From Mexico.