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12 Moments When It's Totally Inappropriate To Multitask

It's not always a skill to be proud of.

1. When getting proposed to.

2. When you're on a date.

3. When you're on a trapeze.

4. When performing surgery.

5. When you're onstage performing a dramatic, contemporary dance routine.

6. When you're at a job interview.

7. When you're cutting someone's hair.

8. When flying an aeroplane.

9. When you're getting intimate.

10. When your S.O. is giving birth.

11. When you're walking on a tightrope.

12. When you're driving.

Okay, so these are a bit tongue in cheek, but we all agree there are times when it’s not a good idea to use your phone – like when you're driving. Aviva is working to make our roads safer, but they need our help to stop us, our loved ones, and the people around us from being injured or killed by drivers who use their mobile behind the wheel. Find out more about the campaign to #DriveSafer.

Make the pledge today to drive safer.