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Six Signs You're The Child Of A Veterinarian

Warning: if you aren't amused by kids and puppies, this isn't for you

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1. You always won at Take Your Child to Work Day

It was a competition, right? / Via Michael Pettigrew / Michael Pettigrew - Fotolia

It was a competition, right?

2. I'm fairly certain you have a childhood photo like this:

Is this weird? Probably / Via AP Photo/Houston Chronicle/Nick de la Torre

Is this weird? Probably

3. You knew you were going to be a vet until you realized it's not all puppies and kittens

me as a wife coming home from the "grocery store"

Twitter: @FemaleStruggIes / Via Twitter: @FemaleStruggles

Wait, surgery? Never mind I can just own a lot of dogs

4. Your parent "bringing work home" took on a very different meaning / Via Youtube: Kingwanas

And it usually meant your homework did not get done

5. You've always been a know it all when it comes to dog breeds

Classic mix up

Classic mix up

6. And you are a pro at finding stray animals even though your parent is "busy enough"

Idk, they just find me / Via Critter Files

Idk, they just find me

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