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This Is What It Feels Like To Have Schizophrenia

It's important to put yourself in someone else's shoes sometimes to be a better ally.

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Watch these two experience what it's like to have schizophrenia!

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Hairam and Daniel started the auditory hallucination simulations, and after just minutes, Daniel found it extremely hard to concentrate.


The simulation was developed by Dr. Patricia Deegan, who has a history of auditory hallucinations.

Meanwhile, Hairam noticed she couldn't get sentences out as she heard all the voices in her head. It was hard to put words together and explain what she was thinking.

The next day, Daniel said he could still hear some of the negative phrases he kept hearing in the auditory simulation, like "you eat shit" or "you stink."

Hairam said she discovered how difficult it is to hear through the voices, and it wore her out.


She also said it was a totally eye-opening experience that made her feel closer to her brother.