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Which Waitress Of 2017 Are You?

Would you rather be sailing or saying "no"?

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  1. What was the craziest part of your summer?

    The Wolff incident
    Dan just couldn't
    TYLER GREENE/potato boy
    YAHNEY... I think?
    Finding out Rak is down
    My bed being moved
    The kick(s)
    Being Scheman's bitch
    The jaw
  2. What is your claim to fame?

    Giving that 100th bj
    Being Lisa Katz
    Kicking Melanie
    One Step
    Negging Eli
    Being stage manager
    The gold athletic captain initiation
    Winning ANTM
    Marrying rich
  3. What's your phrase of the summer?

    "K BYE"
    "I'm gonna say no this time!"
    "I'd rather be sailing"
    **shrugs shoulders**
    "I would never get with Duke"
    "He just couldn't do it"
    "He did it himself"
    "Ok but everybody got with Wolff in one night"
  4. What are you doing at senior show rehearsal?

    Chatting it up with Ryan
    Looking nervous
    Entertaining... I was born to do it
    Trying to hit the notes for Schuyler Sisters backup
    Being stage manager
    Flirting with Brandon Mayers (for the one day he was there)
    Talking to Jed... HE'S SO CUTE AND I LOVE HIM
    Saving Cooper from eating something suspicious
  5. You're crying because...

    Avery kicked me... IT REALLY HURT
    King of Anything was played in the bunk
    I'm being harassed for being a "happy florida lover"
    My bed is on the lax field
    I found out about Wolff at shack
    I saw Melanie giving head from 2 feet away
    My estrogen was acting up
    I lost my drum sticks
    Somebody stole my Kinder
    The bunk chanted KRADER BABY in Kaders face
  6. What is your most embarrassing moment?

    Farting in Canner's face
    Ryan Scoble telling Wolff you cried
    Yelling at Nat because she told you to clean up
    When he did it himself
    "Sexy right?"
    Messing up the drum solo in Summer 69'
    Dan stinking up the back room
    Being harassed for the songs you sing in Senior Show
  7. What are you doing at Campoween?

    Being harassed by Zach Hersh
    Nibbling on David Giroux ear
    Being horrifying... not scary, HORRIFYING
    Being on her shift
    I wasn't there
    Staying loyal to ogre
    Trying to get the red off of everything you own
    Hooking up with an animal
  8. Which food describes you?

    Pork cigars
    Banana peels
    Anything gluten free
    Cliff bars
    Buffalo wings
    Big pretzels
  9. Who is your best friend?

    Juliana Kitchin
    Krader Baby
    Eli Rosenblum
    Jennifer Dahan
  10. Scheman is yelling at you because...

    You look nervous and are wearing all the wrong things for the show
    You and Dani didn't meet in the middle
    You forgot to dim the lights
    You said "what do you meeeeean you don't want a bar mitzvah?" instead of "what do you meean you don't want a bar mitzvah?"
    You just can't hit that last note
    He never gets mad at me...
    You looked bored during Schuyler Sisters
    You distracted him from instructing us because you thought Cooper was eating gum
    That final pose just isn't working out
    You belted too hard during rehearsal
  11. What were you doing at Yahney?

    Honestly, I don't really know...
    Avoiding Duke
    Set up Melanie and Fry
    Just a regular night
    Fight everyone for that Yahney apparel
    Lance and Fry
  12. What is your worst enemy?

    The chicken song
    Anything with gluten
    Jean De La Cruz
    Tyra Banks

Which Waitress Of 2017 Are You?

You got: Dani

Most likely to be found bonding with Terry over gluten free food, chatting it up with Ryan, taking that one step, cuddling with Yoda, being married to Ginzy, being a father to Jacob, blasting John Legend, obsessing over code black, putting Sriracha and hot sauce on everything, calling Jake Levine hot, knowing that this news won't come as the slightest surprise, and being sexy, right?

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You got: Julia

Most likely to be found sailing, arching, spying on Melanie, putting lotion everywhere, messing with Abby's bed area, growling and being dragged by the sheet.

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You got: Abby

Most likely to be found being clueless, eating gummy bears, gold digging, crying about Wolff, having Ben Cohen cry over your song, looking for a mind at work, being Evan, and shoving goldfish where they shouldn't be.

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You got: Rachel

Most likely to be found on the toilet, playing drums, tickling Avery's feet, playing DS, sharing your food, thugging with Doug, and knowing everything when it comes to music.

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You got: Emily

Most likely to be found being raided for no reason, having surgery done, doing summer homework, being bad at shaving, setting up Olivia and your cousin, being a backup singer for Schuyler Sisters, and trying to get Dan you know...

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You got: Avery

Most likely to be found meowing with Fry, obsessing over Tyler Greene, kissing a potato, being a food hoarder, peeing during Ratacalakeesattack, kicking Melanie, throwing Melanie down during Sumo Kisses, eating Nutella by the jar, making sure everyone knows you were on blue, obsessing over rent and hamilton, taking all summer to get the brick, trying to eat Juliana Kitchin, making everyone tickle you, and crying whenever there are brownies for dessert.

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You got: Olivia

Most likely to be found looking nervous, being Lisa Katz, eating quinoa, eating peanut butter, breaking your jaw, rigging the sailing regatta, treating your psoriasis, living for Bialik, "not eating", and being incestuous with Ethan and Marc.

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You got: Sophie

Most likely to be found with your bed in the middle of the bunk, having a box head, having KRADER BABY being chanted in your face, taking that one step, knowing that folks are theatrically wise, eating a Cliff Bar, and climbing on roofs.

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You got: Melanie

Most likely to be found playing tennis, giving head (over the covers), crying because Avery kicked you, having your food stolen from you, playing tennis, complaining about Solomon, perfecting that stride jump, having surgery done, playing tennis, doing that weird thing where you look like a chipmunk/bug, eating pork cigars, fighting with frosted tips because you wanted to keep his jersey, shopping at Kmart, saving Cooper (4 times to be exact), and playing tennis.

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You got: Jessie

Most likely to be found being harassed about ANTM, HFL and JLAB, entertaining, having your head lamp stolen from you, eating BBQ chips, doing surgery, trying to figure out that one pose Scheman wants, cuddling with panda, having tiny turds, not knowing how to spell your boyfriends last name, planning a funeral for Buster, and being obsessed over by Duke.

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