Which Cousin Are You?

    Do you prefer your TOFUUU sliced or diced?

    1. What is your favorite family gathering?

    2. What circle Raybans do you have?

    3. Did you do your banner?

    4. How many chokers are you wearing?

    5. Thoughts on Jack Panzer

    6. What cup did you get?

    7. Favorite hairstyle?

    8. What shade of Kylie Lip Kit are you?

    9. What are you normally doing at Passover?

    10. What are always on your feet?

    11. Family trip to Colorado! How are you hitting the slopes?

    12. What are you normally doing at Thanksgiving?

    13. What does Nick Rossi think of you?

    14. Karin's mad at you because...

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