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    All The Best Things To Buy At Walmart's Labor Day Sale Event

    I mean, who doesn't love a deal...

    Calling all bargain hunters! Walmart's Labor Day sale has arrived and with it comes the deals of the season because we're already heading into a new one (goodbye, summer!). Now through Labor Day weekend, you can score major savings on all your favorite appliances, electronics, and more.

    Here are some of our top picks from the sale:

    1. A 32" Smart TV because there has never been a better time to splurge on home entertainment. Watch all the Netflix, Hulu, and HBO that you want from the comfort of your own couch.

    the Roku TV

    2. A cordless wet and dry vacuum that is perfect for rugs and hardwood floors. It's a multi-surface cleaner that's a true winner if you value versatility. Plus, it's super powerful so you know it'll get the job done.

    the vacuum charging at its charging dock

    3. A storage room organizer so you can continue your shopping hobby without worrying your new favorite items won't fit in your home. It's great for encouraging organization and will definitely make chore day less tedious.

    the storage organizer in brown

    4. A dual air fryer and toaster that will open up new avenues of cooking, such as making pizzas, french fries, buffalo cauliflower, and fried chicken.

    the dual air fryer and toaster

    5. A multi-surface self cleaning vacuum for the person who just loves having a clean house. This makes a tedious task feel exciting, because you know the end result will be spotless.

    The multisurface wet/dry vacuum

    6. A Fitbit because we all like to know when we're doing well and it's important to track our progress so we can keep on top of our goals. It'll tell you your steps for the day so you can keep working towards your incentives, whatever they may be.

    the fitbit in black

    7. A George Foreman grill so you can pretend that it's summer even when it's snowing. Summer didn't quite look like what we had pictured this year so why not bring the summer spirit with you all throughout the year?

    the George Foreman grill

    8. A set of weights because working out doesn't have to be difficult. It can be as simple as picking up a pair of weights for bodybuilding.

    the dumbells

    9. A stand mixer for the person ready to put their baking skills to the test. With a brand this renowned, it will certainly stand the test of time, plus it's heavily reviewed so you can be sure it meets customer standards.

    The stand mixer in silver

    10. A three-piece bistro dining set because we can all use a seating option that isn't the sofa. If your couch has become your new bed, dining chair, and everything else in between, adding a little variety into the home may offer some much needed excitement.

    the three-piece bistro dining set

    11. A juicer machine that will definitely help you get your vitamin C on. It's a great item to have on hand and will definitely pay off over time.

    the juicer machine in red and black making orange juice

    12. A rolling arm office chair for the person who's all business. If you've been working from home and are looking for a quality item for an unbeatable price, look no further than this chair.

    the rolling arm office chair in black

    13. A cooper linen sofa because what could be better than a comfy yet breathable couch? It's a light enough material that you'll actually want to sit on it in the hot months and won't have to worry about your skin sticking to it.

    the cooper sofa in gray linen

    14. A tufted storage ottoman so you can keep all your blankets and pillows within reach. This really is a three-in-one item because it can be an ottoman, foot rest, or extra seat.

    the tufted storage ottoman in gray

    15. A men's dry shaver that will give you a super close shave. Plus, it comes with a cleaning station so you won't have to worry about hair piling up.

    the men's dry shaver

    16. A muscle massager that will soothe your aches and pains. It's a great way to unwind and will save you tons on massages.

    the massager

    17. A SodaStream sparkling water maker for the person who loves bubbly water but hates the waste and time involved in buying it from the grocery store.

    The SodaStream in white

    18. An 18-piece nonstick cookware set, because it's the perfect place to start for chefs old and new. Plus, it'll save you tons of time shopping for individual kitchen items. The gang's all here!

    The 18 piece nonstick cookware set in steel gray

    19. A Wi-Fi-connected robo vacuum so you can clean up messes without all the fuss of bending down, sweeping, and wasting paper towels and cloths.

    The wifi connected robo vacuum

    20. A mini travel iron that is a perfect solution to the never-ending wrinkle problem that permeates our closets. It's great for those that are constantly on the go too — it's small enough to travel with (when travel is a thing again) and durable enough that you won't have to worry about it bouncing around in your bag all day.

    The mini travel iron in white

    21. A beverage refrigerator so you can keep your kombucha, ginger beer, soda, and all your other favorite soft drinks from crowding your fridge.

    The beverage refrigerator in black and steel

    22. A knife sharpener for the person who loves to cook but detests the dull knives they have at home. This is one of those problem-solving items that will solve the issues you didn't even know you had.

    The knife sharpener in red

    23. A five-tier utillity cart that's perfect for storing all your cooking favorites. It's sturdy, yet super slim, and it can fit in the tightest of spaces so if the thing preventing you from cooking is space limitations, this is a big help.

    A steel cart with wheels that holds various kitchen products

    24. A motion sensor trash can because having a large trashcan makes picking up after yourself so much easier. You'll feel encouraged to clean up right after meals, which will make cooking feel a lot more fun and rewarding when you don't let the dishes pile up.

    The motion sensor trash can in stainless steel

    25. A Lodge pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet so you can make all your favorite meals and savor their seasonings. It's an essential kitchen item and adds a little extra element of flavor to every meal.

    The Lodge pre-seasoned cast iron skillet

    26. A hanging trash can so you won't have to open the lid of a regular one with dirty hands every time you need to throw something away. Plus, it makes for super easy access, but it's still totally out of the way.

    The hanging trash can in clear on the back of a cabinet door

    27. A six-shelf hanging bamboo organizer that is ideal for anyone with lots of accessories, shoes, or sweaters that they could use a little help storing.

    The six shelf hanging bamboo organizer

    28. A cascading wall organizer because if you've lost the same document one too many times to an increasingly tall pile of junk, this is for you.

    The cascading wall organizer in rainbow

    29. A stainless steel paper towel holder that will make clean up as quick as it is easy. Say goodbye to the days of searching for spare napkins after a kitchen oopsy-daisy and having paper towels stuffed in hard to reach places.

    The stainless steel paper towel holder

    30. A plastic bag dispenser for the person with pets who is constantly running out of poop bags. Plus, it's a great way to reuse grocery bags so you can be as eco-friendly as possible.

    The plastic bag dispenser

    31. A multi-remote control holder that makes finding the remote you need a quick process (as it should be!). If you're constantly searching for the right remote between Apple TV, cable, and all the others, this will make an excellent addition to your living room.

    The multi-remote control holder

    So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Walmart's Labor Day sales event for savings on all things home. Let's end summer on a high note with these super-low prices, shall we?