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    31 Things From Wayfair That Just Might Make You Think “My Home Needs An Upgrade”

    Whether you're prepping to host a family holiday gathering, or have just gotten sick of that couch you've had since college, we've got you covered.

    1. A mid-century modern-inspired Novogratz desk with a contemporary feel that will bring a little lightness to any room.

    The modern desk in white

    2. A set of four zip-up under-bed storage bags that will make organizing all your stuff super simple — and organizing is always the first step to any home renovation project. Having everything neatly stored out of sight will help declutter your mind, too!

    The fabric underbed storages set

    3. A wide storage ottoman – it's a great multi-purpose item with a cushy, supportive structure that you can use to kick your feet up on after a long day or as extra seating, and a spacious storage facility for blankets, pillows, and other essentials.

    4. A 12-inch hybrid mattress that combines foam and coil technology to give you the best night's sleep possible. It's just thick enough to give you tons of support without being super stiff, and

    The 12 inch mattress

    5. A cottage-inspired kitchen island set with two matching stools, because it's an easy way to upgrade your kitchen (especially if the fixtures that came with the place aren't quite the best). You'll instantly add storage space, dining space, and increase the space's visual appeal.

    6. A wooden upholstered drawer storage bench, so you can say goodbye to the days of overly cluttered dresser drawers and hello to organization! This splayed-leg bench is a great spot to put on shoes, savor a morning coffee, or just pile your favorite blankets.

    The upholstered drawer storage bench in acorn

    7. A farmhouse patchwork fleece throw blanket so you can cozy up and watch spooky movies all autumn long. It's incredibly soft, offers tons of warmth during cool fall nights, and is machine-washable.

    The farmhouse patchwork throw made of super-soft lightweight fleece

    8. Or a plaid throw pillow for celebrating all that fall has to offer, including some of the best seasonal color combos. It's also super comfy and provides great support, so this pillow is not just another pretty face!

    The plaid throw pillow in orange and white

    9. A Novogratz MCM-inspired convertible sofa so you can have extra space for overnight guests without compromising on aesthetics.

    The convertible sofa in polyester blend navy

    10. A faux sheepskin area rug that will make you feel like you're stepping on a cloud and make your room look chicly rustic.

    11. A set of 100 icicle lights so you can transform your home into a cozy oasis. It's never too soon to prepare for the holiday season and with these super cute twinkly lights, you'll be ready for hosting in your home all season long.

    12. A hot air popcorn popper that's perfect for breezy fall evenings when all you want to do is curl up with your housemates and binge-watch Netflix. It doesn't require any oil, so it's a healthier option that popping corn on the stove (but adding a little butter or olive oil to finished product is *chef's kiss*).

    The hot air popcorn popper in white using hot air to pop the kernels

    13. A hanging hammock chair with macrame flourishes, so you can live your best boho life. It's the perfect place to curl up with a book and a cup of coffee — and unlike most decor this charming, it's actually incredibly easy to install,.

    14. A classic reversible sectional with an ottoman for those of us who value comfort above all else. Not only does it allow any person sitting in any part of the couch stretch out and get the cushy couch experience that you deserve, but it looks nice and will fill up your space well.

    15. A farmhouse wood and metal coffee table with open storage that will add a rustic feel to any living room. If you prefer a pared-down yet still classic look, this is for you. Plus, with this beauty around, you'll feel like you're glamping at a high-end cabin in the woods every day.

    16. A solid wood two-drawer nightstand that has a clean line look with MCM-inspired details. It looks so nice, it'll turn your leftover coffee cups into decor pieces.

    17. A baker's rack so you can keep track of all your most-used kitchen items. Whether it's chopping boards, your favorite coffee cups, or even your herb plants, this sleek organizer is your new culinary best friend.

    18. A Novogratz wool tufted area rug that will make you fall in love with its abstract, speckled pattern. This will look amazing under any bed frame or coffee table, and give you the versatility to add splashes of color elsewhere.

    black and white rug under a reviewer's colorful couch

    19. A set of two swivel bar stools so you can give your kitchen island some easy, breezy seating for casual meals. And unlike so many stools, these have upholstered backs, offering back support.

    The bar stools with white seats

    20. An antique-inspired solid wood secretary desk that makes for the perfect at-home office setup. It is compact enough to fit in even the smallest spaces, and its drawer and raised top provide storage space for all your WFH odds and ends.

    the desk in gray wash

    21. A wall-mounted single bathroom vanity with sink and marble countertops, because upgrading your bathroom doesn't have to be a difficult endeavor. It can be as simple as adding some thoughtful touches to ensure that your space looks contemporary.

    The wall mount single vanity bathroom set in caramel

    22. A single globe pendant so you can add a homey and contemporary feel to your dining area. The globe's warm light can be used to replace harsh overhead lights and make your home feel more inviting.

    The single globe pendant

    23. A square arm sofa that is seriously a show-stopper. Its gorgeous square construction is a mid-century dream, and its solid wood legs ensure that it will last a long time. With over 3,500 5-star reviews, how could it not be a stand-out item?

    the square arm sofa in blush pink velvet

    24. A velvet task chair so you can stay focused and stylish throughout the workday. It has a super comfy backing, wheels that allow you to move easily through your space, and looks nice enough that you won't want to roll it into the closet every time you have a guest over.

    velvet wheeled chair in blush

    25. A memory foam mattress for the person who won't settle for anything less than the best night's sleep. The mattress has low motion transfer, which means if you're sharing a bed, you're less likely to feel your partner's movements as the sleep — it's ideal for sensitive sleepers.

    The memory foam mattress

    26. A leather storage ottoman so you can keep all your blankets and pillows within easy reach without them becoming an eyesore. This really is a 3-in-1 item because it can serve as an ottoman, a footrest, or an extra seat when company comes by.

    The leather storage ottoman in black

    27. A rustic-meets-industrial wooden TV stand because you want to make your media set-up as enthralling as whatever you're watching. The six shelves can easily hold gaming systems, board games, or books, and the cable management cut-out will help you easily hide all your wiring.

    The wood TV stand with metal legs holding a flat-screen TV and a vase of flowers

    28. A classic wooden console table so you won't forget your most needed items on your way out the door. It's great for holding your phone, keys, wallet, and so much more.

    29. A barrel armchair because this mid-century dream's super sleek construction will look incredible in just about any home.

    30. A seven-drawer dresser that will make your dream look like an MCM dream and has enough room to make keeping your clothes from ending up in a pile on the floor super easy.

    The seven drawer dresser in white

    31. A vanity set with a lighted mirror and stool for the person who appreciates their morning rituals more than anything. It's a great way to get your makeup and hair tools off the bathroom counter, and it will look super chic in any bedroom, closet, or bathroom.

    The vanity set with a stool and mirror in black with a gray seat

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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