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    31 Things From Target You’ll Probably Love If You're Trying To Make Your Home Look More Modern

    If you're looking to add some contemporary pieces into your home, this list is for you.

    1. A fruity doormat because if you're looking to jazz up your entryway with one of the hottest styles of the moment, this is for you. It's a super cute way to welcome guests into your home and will definitely make a splash among your friends with an affinity for interior design.

    the floral doormat with the word "sweet summertime"

    2. A bath rug that is as cozy as it is cute. It's an easy way to modernize and elevate your bathroom while also being an inexpensive solution to an icky-looking floor.

    The bath rug in gray

    3. A three-wick candle with a lidded glass jar for the person who likes to entertain. It'll make your house smell incredible when you have guests over and will make for a great atmosphere that's contemporary and polished, all while offering a pop of color and alluring smell.

    the sea salt coconut candle with three wicks burning

    4. A crisp set of 300-thread count sheets because who couldn't use a fresh set of sheets? They come in modern, neutral hues and are a great way to make your bed a place you really want to be. They're so good that if you aren't careful you may be tempted to spend all day there.

    The 300-thread count sheets in white

    5. A storage side table because there's never been a better two-in-one solution than a basket-meets-end-table. It's truly the perfect addition to any living room and will make your home feel efficient and chic.

    The side table with drawers

    6. An Alexa Smart Home Hub for folks who like to get an answer on the spot. You can ask Alexa questions, set timers, and check the time, all while keeping your hands free to work, cook, or do other tasks around the house.

    The Smart Hub in white next to a pair of glasses on a bedside table

    7. A KitchenAid stainless-steel knife set because having a solid knife set is an integral part of any kitchen and one this good looking shouldn't have to be hidden away in a drawer. It's so sleek and clean, it's practically a display piece!

    The KitchenAid stainless steel knife set next to a red mixer

    8. A framed picture of a palm so you can make your space your own. It'll go great over any couch, desk, or in the entryway and is sure to add a little tropical oomph to your home.

    The picture of a tropical palm in a wood frame hung above a white desk

    9. An upholstered mid-century modern bench that's a cushy dream. It can be used for entryway seating, placed at the foot of your bed, or set up at the breakfast table to give you a little more room.

    The upholstered bench in blue

    10. A fir wood C-table with an iron frame, for the person who wants to add a subtle modern touch to any room of the house. It can be used as a nightstand, side table, entry table, or even a small laptop stand. You can stack your phone, cups, and other stuff on it as you burrow into your blankets.

    The firwood side tablein wood and steel

    11. A fleece tufted rug with a geometric print, because who wants to walk on cold, bare floors? It has a contemporary neutral palette, giving you the opportunity to use splashes of color in other areas of the room.

    The fleece tufted rug in cream

    12. A Novogratz accent table for the person who's sorely lacking in surface areas. It's made from high-quality materials and can be used as a side table or a mini desk for working from the couch, which can make WFH even easier.

    the brown accent table holding a laptop

    13. Or! A wood writing desk if finding a desk that looks and feels good has been a difficult task. It'll definitely aid productivity and make your space feel chicer. Plus, you'll be glad you invested in this simple contemporary piece since it won't go out of style.

    The wood writing desk in white with a blue chair pulled up to it

    14. A round storage ottoman that's a great place to keep extra blankets and cushions when it's time to kick back for the night. Plus, it can be used as an extra seat or a footstool so you know you'll get the maximum use out of it. Sometimes the best solution is the simplest one.

    the round storage ottoman in cream

    15. A three-tier rolling rack because we could all use an extra bar cart, kitchen rack, and butcher block. Since it's all of those items in one, it's truly unbeatable.

    The three-tier rolling cart holding liquor and being used as a bar cart in a kitchen

    16. A floor cabinet with side shelves so your medicine cabinet won't be overstuffed with beauty products, toothbrushes, and medical essentials. Having an overflowing cabinet is not chic or modern.

    the floor cabinet with side shelves in white

    17. A stackable wire storage bin because we could all use a few extra storage solutions to make our days feel less chaotic. It's great for yarn, blankets, pillows, and any other items you want to keep on hand but off the ground.

    The stackable storage wire bin in white holding yarn, a pillow, and knitting needles

    18. An ultra-modern stainless-steel storage container because we all need a place to keep our kitchen tools. You'll be reaching in here all the time for your wooden spoons and spatulas—plus, its clean design looks nice, too.

    The stainless steel storage container in black holding a rubber spatula, slotted spoon, and wooden spatula

    19. A rope basket that will keep blankets, magazines, and other stray household items organized and off the furniture. Having a place to put things really makes a world of difference in modernizing your home.

    The cream rope basket which has leather handles holding a blanket and magazine

    20. And a smaller coiled rope storage bin because it's the MVP of any entryway game. It's a great place to keep your phone, keys, wallet, sanitizer and masks. Gone will be the days of looking for those items when you're in a time crunch.

    The coiled rope storage bin holding maps and a bottle of water in an entry way

    21. A leather office chair that will make WFH feel so much more luxurious and up-to-date. If you've been crouched over the computer working from the couch since last March, this is for you. It will definitely aid productivity and make you feel like a real person, which is always great.

    The leather office chair on a yellow backdrop

    22. An artificial plant that will bring a little (faux) life to any living room. If you love plants, but don't want to waste time or money on flowers from the store every week, this is a simple solution that will make your house feel super put-together.

    the artificial plant in a white pot

    23. A super contemporary USB desk light because no one likes to work in the dark. It has a charging port and a touch light-dimmer so that you can work with your ideal lighting.

    The USB desk light in black

    24. A mid-century modern accent cabinet for the person who loves to get organized and keep things looking clean and tidy. It's a great way to keep everyday items hidden and you'd be hard-pressed to find as great a deal on an item this nice.

    The midcentury modern accent cabinet in white

    25. A velvet armchair so you can enjoy your favorite book or appreciate a little alone time from your coziest corner, not to mention basking in the serenity its calming color inspires. It's a standout accent piece that's sure to draw tons of compliments.

    the velvet chair in white

    26. An unfinished plant stand that is ideal for the plant parent who wants to display their favorite children. It'll look incredible with a bright plant displayed on top and will definitely make your space feel more modern.

    The unfinished plant stand

    27. A home office chair because we're a year into this pandemic and it might be time to invest in your setup. This chair is super comfy, inspires focus, and feels as soft as it looks. Being productive is way more achievable when you have modern and functional items around.

    The home office chair in gray with metal legs and rolling wheels

    28. A tulip dining table because there's no better way to enjoy a meal than in a well-decorated space. An icon of modern design, its sturdy pedestal construction means you'll have it for years and it's so timeless and sleek that it'll make any dining room or kitchen feel like the place to be.

    The round dining table with a metal base in white holding candle sticks

    29. A round coffee table that will add a modern touch to any space. Its sleek marble design and bright brass legs make it a perfect addition to any home, no matter the style.

    The round marble coffee table with a gold metal frame holding a gold bowl

    30. A wood console table for the person who is constantly losing track of their PKWM (phone, keys, wallet, mask). It's a great piece that will brighten up the entryway of any home and will make your interior look like it was just given a major modern refresh.

    The wood console table holding a basket, books, and candles

    31. A Christopher Knight computer desk for the person who appreciates the simple things in life. This light wood desk has compartments for notebooks and pens while still offering a sleek contemporary design.

    The computer desk in light wood and white

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