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    Rosetta Stone Is Offering A ~Lifetime Of Lessons~ For Only $149

    Who doesn't want to live, laugh, learn.

    What better way to spend the time we might normally spend traveling than better preparing for our future travels? Rosetta Stone's world-renowned language program makes becoming fluent in another tongue super easy and fun.

    Need some incentive? Well, here it is: Rosetta Stone's sale is an incredibly sweet deal: $149 for unlimited languages for your whole lifetime.

    With Rosetta Stone's collaborative learning structure that's tailored to your goals, the most difficult part of picking up a new language will be choosing from the 25 different options!

    Two models with maps drawn over their faces

    How can I learn a language so easily with Rosetta Stone, you might ask? They've created a non-academic approach to learning that provides fast, easy-to-absorb lessons with a special ~immersion~ method that lets you learn the language naturally with emphasis on everyday context.

    Feeling intimidated? There's no need to! Rosetta Stone even offers the option of having a live tutor completely free of charge! So if you get stuck, you won't have to worry that you're learning all on your own. Rosetta Stone's live teachers are there to help.

    Screenshot of live tutoring on Rosetta Stone

    Looking for another reason to engage your creative muscles and learn a new trade? We've got one for you! Rosetta Stone works on all of your devices (so, so many devices).

    Tablet, smartphones, and computer screen showing Rosetta Stone lessons

    Whatever your preferred language, I'd act fast on this deal so you can start wearing that beret ASAP.

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