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    Reformation Is Having An Up-To-50%-Off Sale, Which Only Happens Twice A Year

    A sale this good only happens twice a year.

     Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    Hello Reformation lovers! The much-awaited bi-annual sale is here and what better way to start our Fridays than by scoring up to 50% off on some trendy pieces? If you've been looking for some new summer duds or are looking to score savings on that dress you've been eyeing for months, now is the time.

    This only happens twice a year so let's get to scrolling!

    1. A midi Manet dress that is ideal for anyone who wants to flounce through the summer months. It's super comfortable and breathable while still looking structured and put-together.

    the midi Manet dress in hot day

    2. A tie-strap top for the person who's serious about avoiding tan lines. It's a super cute feminine detail that will give your top the casual just-threw-it-on look everyone covets.

    the tie strap top in rainforest on a model

    3. A floral flouncy Jourdan dress, because what could be better than a vaguely renaissance-era dress? If you've been watching Bridgerton and are lusting after high necklines, this is for you.

    the floral flouncy Jourdan dress in regency

    4. A Meadowlark dress that will take you from summer days to nights with ease. All you need is a change of shoes to go from running errands to a night on the town.

    the Meadowlark dress in rhubarb on a model

    5. A pair of Camille espadrilles so you can go into summer with a pair of super casual yet comfortable heels. These will definitely become a go-to in your closet and really are the perfect summer staple.

    the pair of espadrilles in natural on a model

    6. A short sleeve crepe top that's the single most popular style of the moment. If you've been looking for a button-down shirt to throw over a tank or even bra for a breezy hot-weather outfit, look no further.

    the short sleeve crepe Cuba top in Amazon

    7. A ruched Pinto top for the person who appreciates a classic scrunchy bodice top. Plus, it has looser arms to create a fun contrast in texture and shape.

    the Pinto top in moss on a model

    8. A pair of ecostretch leggings because if you're big into working out, but not so much exercise apparel, this might be your best bet when it comes to workout wear.

    the ecostretch leggings in morning glory

    9. And! An ecostretch bra so you can have a full set! It's a super easy-to-throw-on combo that will definitely earn you tops of compliments. Plus, it's ultra-supportive, which is always a must.

    the ecostretch bra in morning glory on a model

    10. A white cotton Tucker dress that will have you feeling like you're vacationing in the Italian countryside even if you're walking down a city sidewalk. It's super dainty and has elegant detail that can easily take you from day to night.

    the white cotton Tucker dress on a model

    11. A cashmere faux wrap sweater for the person who loves to be comfy at all times. It's the perfect thing to stuff in your bag to throw on over a dress or skirt as the weather gets chillier at night.

    the cashmere faux wrap sweater in rose

    12. A white Rainsford tee because there's arguably no better closet essential than a crisp white tee. It's incredibly versatile and will have you dressed and out the door in five minutes flat.

    the white Rainsford tee on a model

    13. A pair of chunky Agnes loafers so you can clomp through the summer without your feet ever having a brush with fate (aka the city sidewalk). Plus, these soles will last forever so you can save major $$$ by skipping the cobbler.

    the pair of chunky Agnes loafers in almond croc effect on a model

    14. A Pepe knit short that are truly the ideal summer short. If you aren't big on denim and just can't get on board with the whole basketball short thing, this casual and comfortable alternative might be your new fave item.

    the Pepe knit short in gossamer in a model

    15. A classic sweat short for the person who likes to feel like they're lounging on the couch at home even if they're on the subway, out to lunch, or literally anywhere else.

    the classic sweat short in pistachio on a model

    16. A Lester black checker coat, because it's never too early to start planning your winter wardrobe. This modern take on a classic tweed coat is sure to become your most used jacket this winter and you'll be glad you got it at such a discount.

    the Lester black checker coat on a model

    17. A Jennings cord jacket so you can ensure you stay warm, even as the cool summer breeze starts to pick up at night. It's a lightweight yet sturdy material that will last you forever, and truly is a classic.

    the Jennings jacket in cinnamon on a model

    So head on down to Reformation's biggest sale of the season and score up to 50% off all your favorite styles. If you know Ref, you know these deals won't last long.