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    27 Practical Things From PetSmart That’ll Help Solve Problems You Thought You Were Stuck With

    These will make you forget there was ever a problem to begin with.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pet food storage container for the person who wants to keep their pet's food as fresh as possible, but keeps struggling with the regular packaging. Plus, it comes with two tiers so it can be used to hold dry kibble and treats.

    The pet food storage container

    2. A double door wire dog crate that will make crate training your pup a breeze. It has a divider panel that's perfect for growing dogs and a secure latch ensuring security for you and your pet.

    bloodhound in the large black crate

    3. A pet crate mat, because incentivizing your pet to use their crate and actually make it feel like an inviting space is as easy as laying down this cozy pad. It's super comfy and will make even the pickiest of pups fall asleep with ease, which is good because they're going to be using it every night for years to come.

    4. An elevated feeder so you can allow your pet to eat at their preferred height. This is a great option for furry friends with arthritis and even young and healthy pets as it'll help them maintain proper posture for better joint health later in life so you won't be stuck with huge vet bills over a preventative issue.

    The elevated pet feeder

    5. A professional stain and odor eliminator that will help you keep unsightly spots and stinky smells at bay. If your pet has an accident, this trusty deodorizer will be there to save the day.

    The stain and odor eliminator

    6. A pack of natural waste bags for the person who considers poop-scooping the worst part of pet ownership. Unfortunately, this doesn't eliminate the task, but it will keep icky smells at bay, which is half the trouble.

    The pack of natural waste poop bags in black and gray

    7. A car seat cover, because there's never a bad time to ensure your pet's security. It creates a barrier to prevent your furry friend from climbing into the front seat while protecting your car seats from scratches, leaks, and slobber so you can go on road trips galore.

    The car seat cover holding a Husky

    8. A pack of 10 Swiffer heavy-duty pads so you can keep your house kept and tidy. Pop one on your Swiffer to prevent pet dander and odors from taking control of your home.

    The wet pet swiffer cloth refill pack

    9. An aquarium scrubber that will make the icky task of cleaning your fish task way less frustrating. It removes all the algae from the sides of the tank without scratching surfaces and gives you a reasonable distance from the gunk so you can work smarter, not harder.

    the scrubber in blue and white with the tag on the handle

    10. A set of cat grass for the cat who often gets an upset tummy. It's a great way to settle the system and to ensure your pet's teeth, gut, and whole being stay nice and healthy so you can enjoy each others company for many more years.

    the tin of grass

    11. A tub of scented nose and paw balm because sometimes your fur baby's toe beans need a little protection. It'll help keep dry cracked paws at bay and keep your pet feeling their best.

    the white container of orange and raspberry-scented balm

    12. A pair of rubber dog booties so your pet can walk without getting their paws dirty. These are especially helpful if you live in a super cold environment or you're worried about your pet stepping on something dangerous. Since you likely walk your dog three times a day, this purchase will definitely pay off.

    dogs running in the red booties on sand and snow

    13. A cat scratcher toy that will provide a much needed respite for your furniture. It's a two-in-one scratching pad and a toy ball to provide your cat with maximum entertainment for hours every day — plus now your favorite chair is safe from scratching.

    The purple cat scratcher toy

    14. A self-cleaning litter box for the person who values quick and easy cleanup above all else. Its no-scoop and odor-free technology make this an incredible deal. Plus, it prevents tracking and has a leak-proof base so you really can't go wrong.

    cat in the self cleaning litter box

    15. A Kong chicken toy, because Kong toys are a tried and true solution to any pet who needs lots of stimulation. They're super durable so you'll have them forever and your pup will be glad to always have his favorite toy to gnaw on instead of a couch leg or other precious item.

    The Kong chicken toy

    16. A Furminator brush so you can get to your dog's undercoat before they leave a trail of fur around the house. It'll make grooming a way more simple process by cutting out the middle man — say goodbye to the days of waiting for loose hair to litter your floor as your pup sheds their winter coat.

    The Furminator

    17. A set of XL dog pads that are perfect for the pet who hasn't quite gotten the hang of this whole doing their business outside thing. No matter if it's used in the middle of the night when they can't get outside or if it's meant for puppies or older dogs that don't have full command over their bladders, these large absorbent pads really do the trick. Plus, it'll save you tons on rug cleaning costs.

    The set of dog pads in white with a blue boarder being used by a Golden Retriever

    18. A pet tote for when you want to travel with your fuzzy friend without all the fuss. It features a zipper top, removable liner, and mesh sides so your pet can have proper ventilation and you can do an easy cleanup in case there's an accident.

    gray tote with brown handles

    19. A deodorizing dog spray, because it'll make your pooch smell incredible! Plus, since they always seem to be getting dirty and knotted up, I'd say it's a staple every pet owner should have on hand especially if your pup spends lots of time outdoors.

    The deodorizing dog spray in a gray bottle with red lettering

    20. An Arm & Hammer clumping litter so your cat can have the freshest litter possible. Its clumping capability makes for super easy clean up and it'll definitely mask the unpleasant odor that comes from the litterbox. Say goodbye to the days of litter falling apart as you try to scoop it.

    The Arm & Hammer clumping litter box in orange, black, and purple

    21. A pet ramp that will help your pet get up and down off the bed and couch more easily. This is especially helpful if you have pets with arthritis or puppies that need to get down in the night to use the restroom. Now you won't have to wake up at 4 a.m. to help them out.

    The pet ramp

    22. A dog flea and tick treatment for the pup who often finds themself rolling around in the dirt. Your pet should be able to enjoy the great outdoors, whether that's a hike in the wilderness or a walk around the block, without having to worry about being covered in pests.

    The pack of dog flea and tick treatment for medium dogs

    23. A travel water bottle, because if you're constantly on the go with your pet, you'll need to ensure their needs are met and hydration is a key one. It's super simple to use and will make hikes and walks way easier to manage.

    The blue water bottle

    24. A flea pet comb so you can ensure your pet and home stay pest-free. Plus, it's an easy way to save yourself a trip to the vet and the bills that come with it by assessing the problem for yourself.

    The flea pet comb in gray

    25. A pack of dog waste bags for the person who considers poop-scooping the worst part of pet ownership. It features handles and an extra thick lining so you can stay as far away as possible from the icky stuff. Plus, it's tie handles make it easy to close up and throw it out.

    26. A pack of scoop-free cat litter refills because there's no better way to keep your cat box clean and odorless than to clean it out frequently. These handy litter trays are small and easy to keep on hand, just slide them into your PetSafe self-cleaning box and you're good to go.

    the litter tray refill box

    27. A pet odor defense air freshener for the person who wants their house to smell as fresh as possible. It's difficult to eliminate all traces of pets in a household, but keeping your home smelling clean doesn't have to be difficult.

    Bottle of odor defense

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