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    Here Are All The Best Things To Buy From Overstock's Presidents' Day Sale

    If you've been looking for a new tufted ottoman, now's your time to shine.

    With winter in full swing, Overstock's Presidents' Day Sale is the perfect opportunity to upgrade some home essentials at a serious discount — we're talking items for up to 70% off! And with deals on thousands of items from furniture to kitchen appliances, we're sure you'd ~be remiss~ to miss out.

    1. A jute pouf that is sure to brighten up your living space. It's a super functional item that can act as a coffee or side table, footstool, or even an extra seat for guests.

    The jute pouf in beige

    2. A long bean bag chair for the person who takes relaxation seriously. It's long enough that you can fully lounge on it, but malleable enough that you can stuff it away when you aren't using it.

    The long bean bag chair in blue

    3. A wood spindle bed because we could all use a little modern touch — with mid-century modern being one of the most Google'd furniture searches of the year, it's no wonder these beds are so popular.

    The wood spindle bed in caramel

    4. A tall cat tree/condo so you can keep your favorite fuzzy friend on their toes. It's so important for cats to get exercise and the introduction of a fun new toy will definitely encourage some activity.

    The cat tree

    5. An accent chair that is perfect for any corner of the house. It's an ideal solution to an excess of space and will beautify any bedroom, living room, study, or office.

    The accent chair in gray

    6. A two-tiered wire rack for the person who feels like they are *constantly* doing dishes. It's an easy way to ensure that an already tedious task becomes way more manageable.

    The two tiered wire dish rack

    7. A distressed walnut nightstand because where would we be without our nightstands? Holding our morning coffee, favorite houseplant, or reading light, they're seriously the most ignored essential item.

    The distressed walnut nightstand

    8. A rope cat bed so you can give your cat the personal (and cozy) space that they deserve.

    The rope cat bed

    9. A tufted ottoman storage bench that can function as a storage unit with ample seating. It's the best solution for the person with, well, tons of stuff and even works in small spaces, as it can double as chair/ couch combo.

    The ottoman bench in light gray

    10. A black wood kitchen cabinet for the family who is lacking kitchen space, but not kitchen goods. If you're been looking for a way to display your nice glasses or to store extra coffee or baking supplies, this is an excellent use of vertical space that will look also look great.

    The cabinet

    11. A Victorian iron bed because if you're looking for a more traditional feel, there's no better place to start than here.

    The victorian iron bed

    12. A cat condo so you can keep your kitty entertained for hours on end. Plus, it takes up almost no space and is great for apartments.

    The cat condo tree in plum

    13. A flip-top side table with a charging station that is truly the best side table any could ask for. It's slim enough that it doesn't overwhelm the couch, with an extra tier for holding books, plus a charging port because, let's face it, we always have our phones within arm's reach.

    The flip-top side table in cherry

    14. A sensor trash can for the person who is constantly on the move. Simply wave an arm and poof! It'll open and you can quickly drop garbage inside.

    The sensor trash can in stainless steel

    15. A large jewelry box because if you have valuables it's never a bad idea to ensure they aren't rubbing up against one another. Plus, it doubles as a mirror so it will fit well in any bedroom or walk in-closet.

    The jewelry box in black

    16. A wooden dog house so your can sleep soundly in the proximity of their enclosure. This is an especially practical item if you have a puppy that is still learning about, shall we say, boundaries and the space that comes with them.

    17. A convertible sleeper sofa that is perfect for when you have guests stay over. Plus, it features a pull-out drink holder so say goodbye to coffee stains on the couch.

    The convertible sleeper sofa in black

    18. An eight-inch memory foam mattress for the person who values comfort above all else. It's seriously soft and uses memory foam to mold to your body. What else could you want in a mattress?

    The eight-inch memory foam mattress

    19. A three-tier utility rolling cart that's a kitchen island, bar cart, and extra storage center all in one. No matter how you put it to use, it'll be an item you'll never want to live without.

    The three-tier utility rolling cart in white

    20. A smart storage bin set so you can keep your pet's food as fresh as possible. It's a star player if you like to buy your pet's food in bulk!

    The two storage bins and included scoop, one large and one smaller

    21. A storage bookshelf that is perfect for holding the items you don't necessarily want to display AND the ones you do. It can hold books, vases, and various trinkets all while concealing the things that would be better used without visibility.

    The storage bookshelf

    You can check out the rest of Overstock's Presidents' Day sale and score *a ton* of savings on essential items — aka that bedroom makeover is about to finally happen.

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