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    Homer Is Offering 62% Off Their Annual Membership Plan, So Your Kids Can Have Fun Learning At Home

    All you have to do is use our special coupon.

    What better way to incentivize your child to not only take an interest in their education but actually enjoy learning than to introduce a fun new way to do just that? That's where Homer comes in.

    Looking for a reason to sign up? Well, here it is: Homer's sale is an incredibly sweet deal beginning with a 60-day free trial, as well as a discounted annual subscription offer at $45 (normally $59.99). You save a total of 62% off!

    the monthly plans to sign up on Homer

    With Homer's collaborative learning structure that's tailored to your goals, the most difficult part of signing up for Homer is deciding whether to go with the basic or more comprehensive subscription.

    the Homer main page on their website

    How long will my child be able to use Homer, you might be asking? It helps children up to age eight acquire all the skills they'll need to become confident and curious students.

    the Homer learning page for each age

    Think Homer could benefit your child, but need one more reason to sweeten the deal? We've got one for you! It's extremely well-reviewed and was even called "One of the most comprehensive apps for teaching reading" by the New York Times.

    children with the words "One of the most comprehensive apps for teaching reading" overlayed

    Whatever your child's preferred method of learning, Homer's got you covered with their personalized teaching program that's research-backed, kid-tested, and parent-approved. So head on down to their sale event — you won't regret it!

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