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    Backcountry's Semiannual Sale Is Here, So You Can Save Up To 50% Off On Top-Rated Gear, Apparel, And More

    If you love the great outdoors *and* a great deal, read on.

    Hello, fellow outdoor enthusiasts! Just popping in to let you in on an exciting announcement: Backcountry's Summer Semiannual Sale is here, meaning they're currently offering up to 50% off their top-selling gear, apparel, and more. So if you've been looking for a new pair of hiking boots or some camping gear, this is a good place to start.

    This deal is running now through August 26th, so better hop to it! Here are our top picks:

    1. An ALPS Mountaineering sleeping bag that will make your next camping trip feel way more luxurious. This handy bag is built with comfort in mind, features double-sided closure (including a compression sack), protects you from cold temperatures of up to 35°F, and is moisture-resistant.

    the mountaineering sleeping bag in blue springs

    2. A Marmot fleece jacket for the person who wants to be as comfy as possible during their travels. It's perfect for nearly any occasion and will bridge the gap between comfy clothes and recreation-wear seamlessly.

    the women's Marmot fleece jacket in black and cream

    3. A Sea To Summit sleeping mat because there's truly nothing better than a comfy sleeping pad, especially if you're on uneven terrain. It's super lightweight so it can be used on backpacking trips and won't overcrowd your bag.

    the Sea To Summit sleeping mat in gray

    4. A pair of Stoic bike shorts so you can cycle in style this summer. These super cute duds are perfect for road and mountain biking, or just with a T-shirt for a quick hike.

    The Stoic bike short in stretch limo

    5. An Ortovox Traverse backpack that is as cute as it is functional. It's made in three gorgeous colors and holds tons of stuff so you'll never have to go without anything on your next hike or overnight trip. Plus, it has snowboard, ski, and snowshoe attachments, plus rope fastening for mountaineering, so it's super versatile.

    the Ortovox traverse pack

    6. A pair of Smith squad goggles for the skier or snowboarder who takes their vision while braving the slopes seriously. It comes in 18 adorable standout colors so you'll be the coolest person on the mountain.

    A pair of Smith squad goggles with a green mirrored lens

    7. A Granite Gear fanny pack, because we all have some important items to store even when we're getting away from it all. Use this to keep your phones, keys, and wallet handy, or even just some sanitizer and face wipes if you're going to be getting down and dirty.

    the granite gear fanny pack in malibu/ red

    8. A pair of Keen open toe sandals so you can feel stylish while still maintaining proper footwear for your journey. These are truly the most comfortable and supportive sandals on the market, and slipping into them after a long day in hiking boots will feel oh so good.

    the Keen open toe sandal in navy/ light blue

    9. An Outdoor Research sun hat that will make *not* getting a sunburn feel effortless. Sometimes you do it all: apply copious amounts of sunscreen, wear a hat and sunglasses, cover your body, and still end up with a burn. Why not get ahead of the curve and ensure comfort for your whole trip?

    The Outdoor Research sollar roller sun hat on a model

    10. A set of Backcountry climbing skins for the person who wants their next outdoor excursion to be one of a kind. If you're interested in touring, there's no better way to do it than to break out some skins, so you can skill maintain your skis for your other favorite outdoor activities.

    the climbing skins

    11. A pair of Nike trail running shoes, because what could be better than being able to run as freely as the wind? It's a great way to get your heart rate up and enjoy all the great outdoors has to offer without all the fuss of trying to repurpose hiking shoes.

    the Nike train running shoe in white and pink

    12. A Hydro Flask wide-mouth water bottle so you can get a good and well-deserved drink after a long day of exercise. Dehydration is the enemy of the athlete, and no matter what activity you're doing, it will definitely benefit you to put in the time to drink water.

    the Hydro flask wide mouth bottle in pink

    13. A pair of men's Backcountry rambler shorts that will make hiking in the sun feel way less sticky. It's a great way to keep your body feeling free and unconstricted, and its high absorption technology will leave you feeling dry, too.

    The Backcountry rambler shorts in metal bronze on a model

    14. A core tank top for the person who is looking to get into some serious outdoorsy stuff this summer without worrying about sweat sticking to their body. It's perfect for absorbing all the icky stuff, leaving you to feel free to move without worry of chafing.

    the core tank top in graphite

    15. An ALPS mountaineering getaway chair, because there's truly no better way to kick back and relax in the great outdoors than to crack a brew in a mesh, hammock-y feeling chair.

    The ALPS Mountaineering Getaway chair in navy blue

    16. A wash tour bag that will make packing up and setting off feel way easier. It helps compact your belongings and can separate dirty clothes from clean, hold toiletries, and so much more.

    the wash tour bag in black

    17. An Arc'teryx Beta AR jacket that will keep you dry this summer despite any warm weather showers. You really can't go wrong with the brand and this jacket's classic and sturdy construction will make you so glad you invested in it.

    the Arc'teryx Beta AR Jacket in dynasty

    Why not take advantage of all the great outdoors has to offer this summer? Head on over to Backcountry's Semiannual Summer Sale for some killer savings on all things outdoorsy.

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