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    Which Department Are You?

    In Averno, VA, there is a small, privately funded liberal arts college that appeared in the 70's. It appeared over the course of one summer. There are no regular majors, only The Departments. Which one do you belong to?

    If you were to be stuck on a deserted island with only one of these objects, which would you bring?
    What element do you most relate to?
    What was your favorite childhood pastime?
    What is the Worst Way to Die?
    Where Do We Go When We Die?
    What World From Your Childhood Could You Get Lost In?
    What childhood beliefs did you have that others mocked, didn't believe, or dismissed?
    Which childhood character do you most relate to?
    What Supernatural Media Do YOU Like Best?
    In what kind of area do you seem to work best in?
    What Part of Nature Are You Most Drawn To?
    If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
    Your Friend is in Trouble: What Do You Do?
    If You Were Offered One of These Gifts, Which Would You Take?
    How Would Your Friends Describe You?
    How Would You Describe Yourself?
    Who Occupies Your Dreams?
    What Occupies Your Nightmares?
    What is Your Favorite Small Business in Averno?
    What Are You Most Excited About About Your Studies at the New School?
    Who is the Headmaster?
    Why do YOU Think YOU Were Chosen by the New School?

    Now that you've determined your department, go check out the swag!

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