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11 Of The Most Unique Pieces Of Architecture Around The World

If you build it… Architects know that great software can mean a world of difference, so check out all the amazing things you can create with Autodesk’s free educational software. It’s free.

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5. Kaohsiung National Stadium, Zuoying District

Jung-Pang Wu / Flickr RM / Getty Images

The impressiveness of the 55,000-seat Kaohsiung National Stadium is only amplified when coupled with the fact that the entire facility is powered by the solar panel roofs.

7. Selfridges Parametric Bridge, Birmingham City

ell brown / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: ell-r-brown

This shopping center set out to distinguish itself from the other venues by decorating their curved facility with 15,000 aluminum discs. Mission accomplished.

Whatever your architectural ambitions may be, Autodesk is here to help. Did we mention it’s totally free?