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    How Social Media Helped Stephanie Find A Date To Her Ex's Wedding, And The Date Happens To Be Kyle Andrew Skinner From The Bachelorette Canada!

    A Facebook group, known as "The Rising Tide Society", is a group where creative entrepreneurs can get together and build their business, while putting community over competition. One day while scrolling through, I came across a post. This post was not one you'd usually see on Rising Tide. The post went a little like this: "This is long shot, BUT... ?? Are there any handsome single guys that are 6ft+ and live in the Austin/San Antonio area and are free this Saturday?? Free food & alcohol! My wedding date bailed... It's my EXs wedding. **EDITED TO ADD** My reason for 6ft+ is I'll be 5'11'' with my heels, and I don't want to change my outfit. ---- Time passed as everyone desperately tried to help Stephanie find a date..and than... magic happened... Someone added Kyle Andrew Skinner to the group and heres what followed *see pictures*

    ...and so it begins

    the crowds loving this

    Stephanie Finally realized what was happening

    Kyle just wanted to show he was a compatible date... I mean kittens?! Kyle wins the internet

    After the kitten picture dropped the members basically threw money at them

    *heart melts*

    yep..he's a winner

    The beginning of a beautiful story...hopefully...will he give her a rose?

    now hes just showing off

    someone thought he might be a he proved them wrong

    again with the heart melting...HOW IS HE SINGLE??


    you're the real MVP Kyle.

    So naturally we have to creep...right?

    This can be the start of a BEAUTIFUL love story and it all unfolded in front of our eyes!


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