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    Which Character Would You Be In The Veiled Threat?

    The World of Nereid is filled with countless adventures, disgraced Gods, and powerful countries each with their own diverse cultures and people. Find out here from which country you belong to? Which character you're most like? Whether you're Human, Elf, or Other? Who your godly parent is! This world is for everyone, and everyone can be anyone inside it.

    1. Favorite Color

    2. Spirit Animal

    3. Where Would You Be Happiest

    4. Which is Worse

    5. If You Were Going To Get Some Ink, Which Would You Choose?

    6. If You Could Have Any Of These Powers, Which Would It Be?

    7. Which Song Would Be Your Theme Song?

    8. Which Motto Fits You Best?

    9. Your Loved One Betrays You, How Do You React?

    10. You've Been Given The Adventure of a Lifetime, Where Do You Go?

    11. If You Could Really Sell Your Soul To Hades, What Would You Sell It For?

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