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    Are You A Human, Elf, Dwarf, God, Or Fae In The Veiled Threat?

    There are many different kinds of people in The Veiled Threat, humans, elves, types of elves light and dark, called Fae, even gods, dwarves, and monsters! What kind of being would you be in The Veiled Threat?

    1. Walking Along The Road, You Find a Kitten Stranded in Some Bushes. It's Mewling, Crying Out Softly. You Can Tell It Has Been Abandoned. What Do You Do?

    2. You receive a letter from your hometown. Your mother is sick and your family needs you to return immediately from the City. If You Leave You Lose Your Job and You Have No Money To Get There. What Do You Do?

    3. You're in an Accident That Causes You to Lose One of Your Senses, Which Sense Can You NOT Live Without?

    4. What Age Do You Wish You Could Permanently Be?

    5. What's Your Favorite Part of Nature?

    6. Do You Believe In Love?

    7. A Witch Grants You A Wish, What Would It Be?

    8. If You Could Meet Anyone or Anything, Who or What Would It Be?

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