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17 Easy Mid-Week Family Dinners That’ll Help You Get Some Pork On Your Fork

These recipes are guaranteed to become family faves in no time at all.

A super satisfying and scrumptious meal doesn't have to mean hours of prep and an upended utensils drawer. In fact, get ready for your mid-week dinners to rival even your weekend ones once you start cooking your way through this collection of fuss-free, delicious recipes.

1. Pork sausage and mozzarella pizzas

Italian sausage and mozzarella pizza cut into half, with one half sliced into three.

2. Mexican-style pork tacos (tacos al pastor)

Close up of an open taco topped with Mexican-style pork, pineapple, coriander and salsa verde.

3. Pork and rocket pasta

Pork and rocket pasta with parmesan shavings on a patterned plate.

4. Pork chipolata and bocconcini pasta bake

An oven dish of pasta, basil, pork chipolata and bocconcini.

5. Pork parmigiana

6. Five spice pork and Asian green stir fry

A wok with a greens and pork stir fry and two bowls of rice topped with the stir fry.

7. Thai green curry with coconut rice

Thai green curry with thinly slice carrot, capsicum pieces, green beans and pork on a white dish topped with a garnish of coriander.

8. Pork mince enchiladas

Oven dish of enchiladas with one portion already plated and a side of diced avocado.

9. Garlic pork cauliflower rice

A pair of hands holds a bowl of garlic pork and cauliflower rice

10. Easy pork stir-fry

11. Mild korma curried sausages

A korma dish with sausages, sweet potato and spinach with a small plate of naan at the back, and a bowl of rice topped with korma.

12. Spicy Korean BBQ-style pork

Close up of spicy Korean-style pork with a bed of rice topped with spring onions in the background.

13. Cheese melt pork rissoles

Twelve pork rissoles on a baking sheet on an oven pan, with sides of sauce, halved cherry tomatoes and a small bowl of fries.

14. Thai red curry pork meatballs with noodles

Five curry meatballs on a bed of rice noodles with coriander and carrot and lettuce garnish.

15. One-pan vegetables with pork loin chops

Grey plate with a pork loin chip and a side of potato and carrot.

16. Pork belly popcorn

An overhead shot of three bowls of pork belly popcorn pieces, with wedges of lemon on the table and in two of the bowls, and a dipping sauce.

17. One-pot pork ratatouille

Plate of ratatouille topped with a pork chop.

Whether you're dishing up brekkie, lunch or dinner, pork is the simple and versatile meat that makes any meal shine. Discover even more delicious pork recipes at the Australian Pork website.