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    22 Organization Products For Your Kitchen You'll Be Glad You Bought

    I'm convinced the answer to all of my organization woes is buying seven lazy Susans.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A divided lazy Susan that you should buy for both your dining table and refrigerator if you're a true condiment-lover. It'll keep all your favorite dressings and sauces visible and accessible.

    clear lazy suzan with compartments and high sides full of condiments

    2. A pack of super-strong magnets, which will keep your beer/soda cold and handy at all times.

    3. A three-tiered cabinet organizer if you'd like all of the benefits of installing shelves in your cabinets without *actually* having to install shelves in your cabinets. This thing will eliminate that precariously high stack of dishes you've got in there, replacing it several smaller stacks — ya know, so your plates won't come tumbling down on top of your head the next time you reach for one.

    reviewer's plates stacked on their shelf and the two upper tiers of the organizer

    4. Floating wooden shelves that'll look like minimalistic magic on your kitchen walls. It'll be like you hired David Blaine as your interior decorator.

    5. A spice-organizing drawer liner – it'll probably shave a decent amount of time off your meal prep. No more digging through the spice cabinet looking for the paprika.

    6. An OXO pop-top pantry-organizing container set to create the Pinterest pantry of your dreams. Plus they're top rack dishwasher-safe and BPA-free!

    five transparent, stackable pop-lock lid containers with two small, two medium, and one large

    7. A bottle rack, because maybe a pretty display for all of the many, many water bottles you've collected over the years will encourage you to stick to your hydration goals. Chug-a-lug, baby! You've got this!

    six water bottles stacked two by three in a clear plastic rack

    8. Or wall rack for excessive mug collectors — let's be honest, you drink way more coffee than water.

    Four wall-mounted bars with hooks for mugs

    9. A weekly meal planning pad to make life in the kitchen more efficient. Seasoned chefs may be able to whip things up on the fly, but you know you need a little more preparation than that.

    a page from the meal planning pad completely filled in

    10. A magnetic utensil set that'll take up minimal space on your kitchen counter *and* free up some space in the drawer you usually use for utensils. Talk about bang for your buck!

    a hand removing a spatula from the magnetic utensil set

    11. An airtight ceramic canister with a press-down vacuum seal to keep your coffee beans as fresh as possible. The canister's opaque sides also keeps them from drying out in the sun.

    one large and one small canister with plastic vacuum lid and wood lid to go on top

    12. Refrigerator storage bins to save you some space *and* maybe a little bit of grocery money as well, since you'll actually be able to see what's in there and won't mistakenly buy things you don't need.

    13. An adorable handmade ceramic egg tray that comes in a bunch of different colors. My suggestion would be to buy up an entire rainbow's worth of trays, because who doesn't love a gay fridge?

    14. A wall-mounted grocery bag dispenser for those of us who've participated in the longstanding family tradition of having one designated plastic bag to hold all other plastic bags.

    15. A set of coffee pod drawers if you're still working remotely and thus looking for ways to make your home feel more like an office — I present to you, everyone's favorite part of the break room.

    the four tier drawer displaying a massive collection of coffee pods

    16. Or a drawer set for tea-drinkers that'll make their daily ritual that much more satisfying.

    the white draw set with each compartment holding packages of tea

    17. A sleek and minimalistic transparent knife block that looks very classy and barely takes up any counter space.

    the cylindrical transparent knife block holding a set of four knives

    18. An over-the-door basket to store the things you reach for most frequently, like cutting boards, cooking sheets, and various kitchen supplies.

    metal over-the-door hanger holding cutting boards and a muffin pan

    19. Or a vertical organizer to keep your pans, lids and sheets easily accessible — that way you'll no longer disturb the entire house up with incessant banging every time you dig through your cookware cabinet.

    on the left reviewer's cookie sheets and cutting boards in a stack labeled "before" on the right the same cabinet with the items neatly vertical in the organizers

    20. A handmade ceramic utensil crock that's so quaint and charming in an arts and crafts sort of way that I absolutely would not blame you if you lied and told all your friends you made it yourself.

    wooden utensils in a white speckled stoneware crock

    21. A kitchen cabinet pull out drawer to store anything from canned goods to cutting boards. It'll create a nice little presentation whenever you pull it out.

    the pull out drawer holding wine bottles and canned goods

    22. A can holder and kitchen wrap organizer that'll basically make the nonperishables in your cabinets as accessible as an aisle in the grocery store.

    the metal can holder fully stocked on a kitchen counter

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