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So Black Mirror is basically this technological-dystopian show from the UK written by comedian Charlie Brooker. Brooker has stated, "They're all about the way we live now – and the way we might be living in 10 minutes' time if we're clumsy." Basically, it shows how our technology - Youtube, Rating Systems, VR, AI, etc. - could turn on us in such a short amount of time, and how, because of that, we may be already living in a dystopian society. Interesting, huh? This show has gained wide popularity over the years, and has even been incredibly hard for people to watch. So I'm gonna create a list of my Black Mirror episode ideas and describe them as best as I can:

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1. Fit In With Fitbit


So basically it'll be placed in a universe in which everyone is totally obsessed with walking 10,000 steps each day. And, like, business people / governments have totally monetized walking. In order to get your steps in, you need to pay an hourly amount to activate your legs. Or something. Idk, I'm sure Charlie could make it work.

2. Driverless Planes


We've all heard of driverless cars, right? Well in this universe, planes are the next vehicles to boot their own pilots. You get on a plane and no one is there to offer you a cookie or a small cup of ginger ale. You get really thirsty and hungry throughout the flight, but no one cares because the plane is the only attendant you need during your flight to Paris. And, like, somehow there's even less leg room in front of you.

3. "Hey Google."


In this universe, you can say "Hey Google" at any time and a virtual woman will pop up right next to you. Only, every time you ask her something, she doesn't understand you. If you say, "Will you tell me the height of that building in feet?," she'll probably say, "Sorry - I didn't get that. Did you want me to look up Chinese food nearby?" And it'll be a total inconvenience, if anything. Scary.

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