We Are More Impatient With Music Than Ever Before

Data from Spotify users shows that people rarely listen to a song straight through anymore.

1. Everyone’s favorite music data guy, Paul Lamere, who showed us who our state’s favorite band, is back for more as he shows us the song-skipping habits of Spotify users.

2. Almost a quarter of all songs are skipped within the first FIVE SECONDS and nearly half of every song is skipped at some point.

Paul Lamere / The Echo Nest

“There’s a slow but steady decline in listeners until we reach the end of the song where only about 50% of the listeners remain,” Lamere writes.

3. If you make it through the first 5-10 seconds, you have some serious commitment!

Paul Lamere / The Echo Nest

Lemere was also able to calculate the amount an average listener skips per hour, which ended up being between 14 and 15 skips per hour.

4. To no one’s surprise, teens are the biggest song-skippers out there, skipping over half the songs they listen to.

Paul Lamere / The Echo Nest

Lamere’s theory: “Teenagers skip more because they have more time to devote to editing their music stream, whereas thirty-somethings, with their little kids and demanding jobs, have no time to pay attention to their music players.”

5. The data also shows people LOVE curating their music, except when…you know, they’re sleeping or working.

Paul Lemere / The Echo Nest

“Skipping behavior peaks in the morning hour as people start they day and start to head into work and again at the end of the day when they are at home or out socializing with their friends,” writes Lemere.

6. And finally…ever have that annoying party-goer skip songs on your Saturday night playlist? Yeah, everyone else does too.

Paul Lemere / The Echo Nest

7. Oh well…Life’s too short for an entire song. Jam on!


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