17 Puppy Bellies That Will Turn That Frown Upside Down

#PuppyBelly is the hashtag everyone needs in their life today.

1. omg.

2. omg.

3. omg.

4. omg.

5. omg.

6. omg.

7. omg.

8. omfg.


— AnimalLeague (@AnimalLeague)

9. omg.

Nap time at BLIK #Rosie #puppybelly

— BLIK WALL GRAPHICS (@whatisblik)

10. stahp.

#puppybelly @scotlasswannabe

— Cyndi Hayes (@cyndilhayes)

11. omg.

12. omg.

13. omg.

14. omg x2.

15. omg.

16. omg.

17. omg same.

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