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    Cleveland Indians Fan In Redface Comes Face-To-Face With Native American During Protest

    The interaction came during the Cleveland Indians home opener on Friday outside Progressive Field.

    A Native American and Cleveland Indians fan met face-to-face outside Progressive Field during the Indians' home opener on Friday.

    Here's one of those times when the phrase "Only in Cleveland" is actually an understatement. #Cleveland #Indians

    The interaction came during a protest by Native Americans over the usage of the Indians' "Chief Wahoo" logo.

    "We are not mascots. I'm nobody's mascot. My children are not mascots. It mocks us as a race of people. It mocks our religion," said Roche, a 66-year-old protestor outside the stadium.

    "I do see a change, a slow change," Roche told AP. "It's progressively happening. The young people are more in tune to it, where a lot of these older people grew up with it and so did their parents. We have nothing against the game. I know it will change in time. I hope it changes before I die."

    A Cleveland Indians representative was unavailable for a comment on the situation.