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We Helped These People Trick Their Friends Into Thinking They're Bougie AF

Because not everyone has those Kylie coins.

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If you're not a member of the ~celebrity elite~ you probably don't fly everywhere on a private jet. So, we decided to give people a glimpse at the high life:

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Chances are, you probably don't pick up Popeyes and eat it with all your closest friends on your family's private jet....

Instagram: @kyliejenner

...and you're probably not Beyoncé or Jay Z, either. But hey – that doesn't mean you don't deserve to fly ~private~. So, we decided to help some lucky people fool their friends into thinking they lead that bougie lifestyle.

Instagram: @beyonce

That's right, y'all. JetSuite let us borrow a damn jet for the day, and we invited people to come play on it.

Instagram: @emilycadena

And TBH, everyone looked super ritzy.

Instagram: @brandenssmith

And they looked like they were born with a million dollars in their hand.

Instagram: @oliviafrescura

Some people looked right at home on the runway.

Instagram: @aprillexilee

These two were born to pose in front of a jet.

Instagram: @josephadivari

And these ones had shades to block the haters.

Instagram: @kendallllla

Everyone adapted to the life of luxury quite quickly.

Instagram: @aurifoshari

And the outfits that day were ON POINT.

Instagram: @kennastout

And ready to jet off to another country.

Instagram: @celiasacks

Others came ready for America's Next Top Model.

Instagram: @michaelamulhaney

Everyone had their own runway look.

Instagram: @laceyacaron

TBH, they all killed the game just as much as the celebs do.

Instagram: @adriennefinch
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