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    We Helped These People Trick Their Friends Into Thinking They're Bougie AF

    Because not everyone has those Kylie coins.

    If you're not a member of the ~celebrity elite~ you probably don't fly everywhere on a private jet. So, we decided to give people a glimpse at the high life:

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    Chances are, you probably don't pick up Popeyes and eat it with all your closest friends on your family's private jet....

    ...and you're probably not Beyoncé or Jay Z, either. But hey – that doesn't mean you don't deserve to fly ~private~. So, we decided to help some lucky people fool their friends into thinking they lead that bougie lifestyle.

    That's right, y'all. JetSuite let us borrow a damn jet for the day, and we invited people to come play on it.

    And TBH, everyone looked super ritzy.

    They came to WORK.

    They came to slay.

    And they looked like they were born with a million dollars in their hand.

    Some people looked right at home on the runway.

    Others we ready to turn up.

    These two were born to pose in front of a jet.

    And these ones had shades to block the haters.

    Everyone adapted to the life of luxury quite quickly.

    And the outfits that day were ON POINT.

    Everyone was cheesin' hard.

    And ready to jet off to another country.

    Others came ready for America's Next Top Model.

    Everyone had their own runway look.

    TBH, they all killed the game just as much as the celebs do.