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    Mini Coffee Table Made Out Of Four Coat Hangers

    Make your own mini table with four coat hangers and a piece of wood!

    DIY Mini Coffee Table Made Out Of 4 Coat Hangers

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    4 wooden coat hangers that lay mostly flat and don’t curve up or down

    1 piece of wood, 12 inches by 18 inches

    4 L brackets

    4 1 ½-inch machine screws

    4 nuts

    6 screws


    1. Remove the hooks from all four hangers.

    2. Lay two hangers down so their arms overlap.

    3. Mark and pre-drill two spots on the hanger.

    4. Place two machine screws through the new holes and flip the hangers.

    5. Secure the machine screws with two nuts on the other end, and tighten with a wrench and phillips head screwdriver.

    6. Place to L brackets to the top of the hangers. Mark, pre-drill, and screw into place.

    7. Repeat with the other two hangers.

    8. Lay down your piece of wood and place both hanger legs where you’d like to attach them; mark, pre-drill, and secure with screws.

    9. Enjoy your mini table as a table or as a standing laptop desk.