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    Adult Men Tried To Earn Girl Scout Badges And Turns Out They're Nowhere Near As Badass As Real Girl Scouts

    Are you man enough to be a Girl Scout?

    Being a Girl Scout isn't just about selling cookies. It's about leadership, friendship, strength and challenging yourself to think outside the box. So, we took three men and tried to see if they have what it takes to be a real Girl Scout. Here are the results:

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    The dudes had to complete three separate challenges to see if they could earn a badge. Things kicked off with a pep talk to end all pep talks and get their blood pumping:

    Then, it was time for the "Inventor Challenge," in which the guys had to build a drop-proof phone case.

    It quickly became apparent that the dudes were into the "every man for himself" philosophy which is definitely not the Girl Scout way. It's a-ok to help each other out and work as a team, guyssss.

    And, being men, they were quick to "blame the equipment" for their own shortcomings...

    ...but, with some serious encouragement from the ladies, they were all able to build a case that didn't break their phones.

    Next up, it was the "Detective Challenge" in which they had five minutes to solve morse code. Casual.

    Zack channeled his inner Frank Underwood and tried to bribe the Girl Scouts. But, they had no time for his sneaky ways...too busy slaying life, etc.

    Edgar cracked the code and was pronounced the winner of this challenge. (He also pointed out that it might be because it says the answer on their T-shirts...who knows?)

    Lastly, it was time for the physical portion of the day. The guys were tasked with doing ten jump ropes, ten hula hoops and ten pushups. It was an extraordinary display of athleticism:

    The guys soldiered on, and learned the power of teamwork and the value of encouraging one another from the girls.

    In the end, each of the guys received a "fun patch" because they had only completed one step of each of the badges, so they weren't eligible to receive an actual badge yet.

    However, they each got to walk away with a handbook, which explains all the other steps necessary to earn a badge. THOSE ARE SOME BIG 'OL BOOKS Y'ALL.

    In the end, they all displayed courage, confidence and character, which are the three integral C's to being a great Girl Scout (and being great at life, if we're honest.) Hear, hear!

    To join Girl Scouts as a girl member or adult volunteer, visit: