13 Steamy Messages That Are Basically Sexts To Any Makeup Addict

    "Just took the liberty of untagging any photos where your eyeliner isn't perfect." SWOON.

    1. If anyone sent me this text, I would straight-up invite them to a joint wedding board on Pinterest.

    2. Or light some candles and turn up some Marvin Gaye.

    3. Maybe slip into something a little more comfortable.*

    4. I'd give this person a love coupon book.

    5. And I'd buy someone a steak dinner for this message:


    7. My dream is to have a long, romantic walk on the beach with this selfless human:

    8. Excuse me while I ask this person's parents for their hand in marriage.

    9. Is it hot in here or is it just my ovaries?

    10. I think I'm crying.

    11. If you were looking for a guaranteed night of ~romance~ you just got it.

    12. This is true love, people.

    13. But this — this is your soulmate:

    Me right now: