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16 Women Explain Exactly Why Wearing Makeup Means So Much To Them

Each of the confessions was made via Whisper.

1. Makeup is a powerful AF force. / Via

2. It can give you a straight-up escape from reality. / Via

3. Take a good look at a made-up face and you'll realize how beautifully artistic it is. / Via

4. It's not about impressing other people. It's about seeing yourself the way you want to see yourself. / Via

5. Really. / Via

6. Makeup is straight-up self-care. / Via

7. It can literally change your emotions. / Via

8. And honestly, it's one hell of a stress reliever. / Via

9. With every new day comes a new challenge. / Via

10. And there's no better feeling than nailing your makeup for the day. / Via

11. Having to interact with other people is less anxiety-ridden when you know you look fly AF. / Via

12. There's nothing wrong with people feeling beautiful. / Via

13. Makeup is not always about covering up insecurities. / Via

14. Sometimes, foundation is war paint and lipstick is a battle cry. / Via

15. If something as simple as eyeliner can make you feel powerful enough to take on the world, why wouldn't you wear it? / Via

16. At the end of the day, makeup is not an excuse. It is not "false advertising." It is not a problem. Makeup is damn beautiful. / Via

And you can do with it whatever you want.

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