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Here's Why Men Need To Shut The Hell Up About Women Wearing Less Makeup

You think everything a woman does is about you? That's cute.

On Thursday, @GoogleFacts tweeted about some "studies" showing that men like women who wear less makeup.

Studies show that men like women who wear less makeup.

As if the makeup Miranda Kerr is wearing changes who the she actually is.

Within minutes, people responded with some real talk about the value of male opinions on female appearances.

FYI, women don't decide what to wear in the morning based solely on male preferences.

And when women do wear makeup, it's not so they can lie to men.

Women wear makeup because it makes them feel powerful AF.

It can transform you into whoever the hell else you want to be.

It is a goddamn art form.

And the best form of bonding there is.

Makeup has the ability to tell stories about political and cultural atmospheres throughout history.

It can give people confidence to face the world if they need it.

For a lot of people, spending time on their makeup is their way of practicing self-care.

Some people do yoga. Other people relieve stress by spending time on their face in the morning.

It's a way to express individuality.

And just a reminder: Women aren't the only ones who wear makeup.

So please, the next time a guy says, "I like you better without makeup," tell them to do better.